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Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.

Responsive Website, Digital Marketing, and SEO

September 4th, 2017- Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been serving the Nebraska, Iowa, and surrounding communities since 1997. There was a need to create the concept design for a new look on their website and digital marketing strategies, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Blog Strategy.

Who Is Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.?

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., (MSS), is the sole distributor for Spacesaver storage units in Nebraska and Iowa. MSS specializes in design and implementation of Spacesaver’s  High-Density Mobile Shelving units. We have a large array of services we offer such as: Hospitals, Libraries, Archives, Public Safety, the Government and more. Their goals are simple; help your company save floor space, increase employee productivity, and save you money. We have over 700 local installations and serve Nebraska, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Minnesota.

How Did The Monsters At OMG Austin Help?

OMG Austin (TMG) was brought on by Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., to redesign their current website. With this, TMG took the opportunity to reorganize their current content and optimize their website structure for search engines. We were able to enhance the website not only in the design matter, but make it more user-friendly.

The new website offers a brand new user experience - with easier navigation and organized content, we've also been able to help you better find the website through search engine optimization and most importantly, you may not even be aware how much of an impact MSS has had on you. Check out the local success stories to see how they've been a part of your community!

Midwest Storage also tasked the Monsters at TMG with executing proper SEO tactics in order to increase sales leads and overall brand recognition in their main Nebraska and Iowa markets. As part of their search engine optimization plan, OMG Austin optimized their social media pages and implemented a social media and blogging strategy. Over time, this digital marketing plan will attain Midwest Storage Solutions's goal of garnering sales leads, increasing traffic to their site, and improving brand recognition.

We are very proud of the work that was completed for Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. We are excited to continue working with them through Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Please click on the arrow below to see their finished site.

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