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OMG Austin

Moduflex, LLC

Responsive Website, Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

OMG Austin (TMG) is happy to announce the launch of Moduflex, LLC. We created their new responsive website along with implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing strategies.

Who Is Moduflex?

Moduflex is a pre-engineered, pending patent, storage unit. These storage units are compatible with all hospitals and universities. The unit allows for maximum security with a RFID chip reader which works with the current hospitals system. When Moduflex was made, it was made with nurses in mind! The system allows for nurses to do their job easier and more efficiently. This is because of the two-way bin system that allows for easy re-stock of the units both inside a patient room and from the hallway outside.

What did The Monsters at TMG Do?

TMG was brought on by Moduflex, LLC., to create a brand new responsive website. The Monsters created a new website design to showcase what Moduflex is, and to make the website extremely user-friendly. The website contains content about the Moduflex solutions, an image gallery, success stories, blogs and a basic contact form.

TMG was also tasked with Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. We created a social media marketing strategy. This includes using social media, blogging, and SEO strategies to get Moduflex to the top of the Google Search Engine. Our SEO team is working on constantly monitoring site errors that it may be crawled quickly as possible by Google. From there, we identify keywords for Moduflex that we feel the site should rank for and include these keywords within the content of the site. We also build natural backlinks to the site, by doing this, we can improve Moduflex reputation with Google. Overall, this will bring more traffic to their website and overall increase their current sales.

We are extremely happy about the work that has been done with Moduflex. We are excited to continue working with them through Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. Please follow the link below to see our work!

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