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NetWorth Realty

Who is NetWorth Realty?

NetWorth Realty is a full-service residential wholesale real estate company. They assist house flippers looking to build their wealth through real estate by providing the inventory, expertise and tools needed to rehab properties. This wholesale real estate company has offices in major cities across the country, like Austin, Denver, Charlotte and Tampa. 

Aside from helping house flippers, they also help property owners. NetWorth Realty buys houses that are in need of repairs for cash. Their process provides property owners with a fast way to sell their houses without needing to make repairs. 

NetWorth Realty has sister companies that provide more real estate services like hard money loans, title and escrow services. 212 Loans is their sister company that provides hard money loans to house flippers looking to buy and rehab real estate investment properties. This company’s services are available across major cities as well. At the same time, Infinite Title provides title and escrow services to those in Austin, Hollywood Park, Dallas and Houston. 

OMG Austin is proud to provide social media marketing services to NetWorth Realty’s corporate office, several of their location offices, 212 Loans and Infinite Title. 

What does OMG Austin do? 

OMG Austin is an extension to NetWorth Realty’s marketing team. The social media marketing services OMG Austin offers help NetWorth maintain and manage several of their Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn accounts. 

The OMG Austin team is able to ensure branding is in order from logo usage, templates for NetWorth’s local representatives to use in order  to keep branding similar, to understanding the industry to keep the wording up-to-par with strict industry regulations. 

On top of that, OMG Austin has been able to help these companies increase their presence on social media through our social media marketing strategy which provides strategic and analytical posts on each platform to bring in more followers and lead generation. 

Our team is happy to continue to grow with NetWorth Realty, its locations, 212 Loans, and Infinite Title to bring them uncapped social media potential. 

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