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Responsive Website, SEO and Digital Marketing

OMG Austin (TMG) is proud to announce the launch of On My Feet (OMF)! We created their new responsive website along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Strategies for On My Feet. This involved their first ever website that complimented the development of their new application and digital marketing strategies.

Who is On My Feet?

On My Feet is a company that is passionate about footwear. They believe that the right shoes can make all the difference in life. OMF started from a lifelong devotion for footwear and the ability to connect people through this excitement. No matter the event or occasion we experience this in our favorite footwear.

How Did The Monsters At OMG Austin Help?

On My Feet brought the TMG Monsters onto their team to create a first of it’s kind website and application! The responsive website helps customers navigate through the site and purchase items in the store.The website covers  their mission statement, movement, philanthropy and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page, along with a contact  form and a blog covering everything  about shoes!

On My Feet is currently utilizing SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies. In an effort to bring more site traffic, the Monsters at TMG created and customized SEO strategy keywords and market research. It is up to the SEO team after a website is complete to scan  the site for any errors that may inhibit Google from crawling the site as quickly as possible. After this is done, we create natural backlinks to the site to help boost its reputation on Google. This is how TMG gets websites to the top of the Google Search Engine.

Furthermore, TMG enhanced their social media presence and their blogging strategies. Over time, the digital marketing plan will attain more traffic to On My Feet responsive website and improve their overall brand recognition.

We are extremely proud of the work that was accomplished with On My Feet. We are excited to continue working with them through Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. Please click the link below to see our work!

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