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Responsive Website

OMG Austin (TMG) is happy to announce the launch of the new Responsive Website for Recruiter Kit. This involved a new concept design for the website.

Who Is Recruiter Kit?

Recruiter Kit is a project under Securities America. Securities America provides financial advisors to clients. They take pride in handling their business in a friendly and effective ways. With more than 2,000 financial professional nationwide, everything revolves around delivering the best products and services to their clients.

What Did OMG Austin Do?

Our friends at Securities America came to us with an idea for a unique platform that could increase efficiency and targeting for their recruiters. We were tasked with building a system for creating, saving and sharing custom recruiting kits.

The design is a basic two sidebar interface with all of the content in the middle. The left sidebar, which is the build, allows for the users to navigate through the content. The right sidebar, the kits, allows the user switch between kits they’ve already made, create new ones, organize them and save a PDF.

This project allows for several administrators for different user levels, and to track their own kit and ones that have been sent to other users. Furthermore, to see any custom kits inside the system.

This new website allows for Securities America’s current website to stay efficient and clean. Which in the business world can make all the difference!

We are so happy about the work we did for Recruiter Kit. Please, go check it out now!

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