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The Catalyst Group (TCG)

Who is The Catalyst Group? 

The Catalyst Group (TCG) provides small businesses, business partners and clients with the opportunity to develop their business strategies, plans and investments. TCG has the ability to provide operational growth capital, experience and personal investments. This provides TCG’s clients with the ability to confidently and effectively continue to grow long-term solutions and plans in place. 

For the last 30 years, TCG has been located in Houston, Texas, with locations in all major metropolitan cities in Texas and has locations in California and Louisiana! 

TCG is dedicated to their clients and their business’s longevity for the course of the business’s lives. With the ability to provide long-term strategies, and help successful business owners gain capital to start new opportunities, TCG provides a unique strategic approach to raising capital and personal investing. 

What did the Monsters do? 

TCG came to OMG Austin with their branding set in place, but knew that their website was old and needed a new, modern update! OMG Austin’s website design and development team were able to put on their suits and ties for this project to get into the business mindset! 

TCG was searching for a modern website that provided a personal and unique touch. With this in mind, TCG wanted to make sure that the website design was functional for their potential and current clients and it provided the human factor to their business. 

A number of the design elements set in place by our graphic designers were dedicated to showcasing the human factor to their potential and current clients with small, but perfect touches. 

The overall branding and colors of the website are minimalistic, clean and modern. Our Monsters decided that light grey, green and white elements on the website would overall fit their branding strategy that is already in place. 

Our team is proud of the entire website design, but one section of the website should be noted. The “Portfolio Section” on the homepage of the website showcases the various fields and industries that TCG works with and provides honest opinions from their clients. 

This website was developed on ExpressionEngine 5.3 with fluid field options. This allows clients to easily manage and change their content with simply moving fields on the backend! 

One of the favorite features from our programmers is the parallax image on the homepage which provides a dimensional feel to the website! 

Continued efforts! 

OMG Austin’s team of Digital Marketing Strategists has been working hard on TCG’s on-page and off-page SEO strategies and Social Media Marketing efforts to help increase brand awareness on search engines, like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

This provides TCG a competitive advantage with strategically crafted blogging content and SEO strategies in place! 

We are excited to continue to help The Catalyst Group grow in the future! As TCG would say this is a “win-win situation” for everyone! 

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