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Best email marketing services in Austin, Texas! 

Email Marketing in Austin 

The ‘death’ of email marketing has been proclaimed and shouted from mountain tops year after year; however, as this traditional marketing strategy continues to grow in demand, a company can no longer ignore email marketing strategies. It is estimated that over 50 percent of United States adults check their personal email more than 10 times a day and is their preferred way of receiving updates from their favorite brands. 

A responsive website is a great start for your company, but a company simply cannot only sell products and/or services without website traffic. As one of the biggest sources of ROI for a company, a company should search for the best email marketing services in Texas. 

At OMG Austin, our email marketing specialists set up and manage targeted email marketing campaigns that align with any digital marketing goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). From developing the perfect subject line to personalization and drip campaigns, we can provide the best email marketing platform on the market.  

Email marketing specialists in Austin 

We make email marketing simpler 

At OMG Austin we make email marketing easier with Monstrous Email. While email marketing is an effective sales strategy, oftentimes, companies struggle with showing their ROI and tracking results. Monstrous.Email offers a company with easy integration with any CRM system currently in place. When a CRM system speaks with your email marketing platforms nicely, this can help show an ROI at the end of the quarter.  

Monstrous.Email is the best email marketing platform in Austin, Texas simply because it can hold all of your templates, designs, files, lists, etc. in one single place. No one wants to worry about storing these important marketing materials in different spaces. 

Remember what our email marketing specialists stated above? You can't sell more on website traffic alone. Our specialists can help to create forms on a company’s website that then funnels these emails into our software. 

The consumers add their needed information, and just like that, you start getting contacts for weekly updates on your products. 

The art of segmentation! Segmentation in an email marketing campaign is one of the most important notions. A company often sends a “one-size-fits-all” email marketing campaigns to ALL of their subscribers without understanding that all subscribers don’t want the same information from your company. A majority of subscribers could be following for promotions while on the other hand, they are interested in your brand itself. No matter the reasoning behind them clicking the “follow button” or “subscribe” button, make sure your email marketing platform provides your company with simple segmentation abilities. 

Not only do we offer the best email marketing platform and a team of email marketing specialists Austin, Texas, we offer in house graphic designers and developers! Need help with that contact us form or subscribe button? We got it. There is so much y’all can do with email marketing. It is important for email marketing platforms to be efficient and easy to manage! Our email marketing strategies and system offer the potential to increase your traffic to your website and overall help your company. 

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