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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation with OMG Austin

Over 40 percent of marketers and marketing departments are currently not utilizing marketing automation, but plan on investing within the next 12 months. Marketing automation can be utilized from SEO strategies to email marketing, but with over 40 percent of marketers not utilizing any kind of marketing automation, this makes processes take longer. 

If a marketer or company can simply save a couple of minutes each day, this saves X amount of time per week, per month and even annually. This allows for a company to spend this time on other notions such as training, conferences or other important items. 

As a digital marketer, owner or entrepreneur: it can be overwhelming and stressful to understand what is going into your overall marketing efforts and strategy, but marketing automation consultants and best marketing automation software allows for marketing processes to simply be automated. A ‘one-and-done’ notion that means professionals can spend time in other areas of their work days. 

Our marketing automation systems allow for our marketing automation consultants in Austin, Texas, to create marketing strategies for small to large companies easier than ever before. 

The entire process from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Social Media Marketing (SMM) doesn’t need to be a difficult process for anyone involved. All you need is a marketing strategy that works well with your company’s needs. 

Kick back and relax with our best marketing automation software. 

What is marketing automation? 

Marketing automation is about using software platforms to help automate marketing activities for the company or marketing department.  What makes a difference between good and bad marketing automation platforms? 

An example of bad marketing automation is systems and platforms that offer limited data to a marketer or company and do not allow for easy integration for inbound marketing strategies such as digital marketing. 

An example of good marketing automation is systems and platforms that offer more than enough data for a marketer and company while allowing for various channels, not just email marketing, to communicate for ultimate success. 

One of the biggest myths of email marketing automation is that this type of system is only in place for email marketing, but in reality, SEO, SMM and Email can all have marketing automation software to allow a company to track, measure and analyze data with campaigns. 

At OMG Austin we help you take the guesswork out of using marketing automation. We can help you combine email, social and search marketing along with organic search in a strategic way specifically designed for your company.

What is Monstrous.Email?

Struggling to find the perfect automation platform? We know, we were too. So, we designed our own. Monstrous.Email is a fully encompassing, user friendly marketing automation software. Not only can you automate email responses, you can create an entire email campaign for your clients. 

Benefits of using Monstrous.Email:

  • Email automation
  • Campaign creation
  • Build your own customized templates
  • Monitor success of each campaign
  • Send out weekly newsletter, based off your website updates

What else does Monstrous.Email do? 

  • Set up sales pipelines for each potential client
  • Use it for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Social network analysis
  • Let Us Automate Your Marketing Lives

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