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OMG Austin

Mobile Application Development

OMG Austin is the leading mobile app development company in Austin, Texas! 

Now, we understand as a company that is a bold statement. However, OMG Austin can show through experience that our Austin mobile app company is really one of the best in the Austin, Texas market.  

As a company, it is imperative to find another company who understands your overall goals and provides the ability to strategically guide you through the process of the initial design concepts to the final letter typed into the code. At OMG Austin, it goes even further than that and our company offers on-going support to help with updates and any new changes that need to happen. 

From the first design of your mobile app to the on-going support, these are some of the reasons we can proudly state that we are the best. What are the other reasons? 

Mobile Application Development 

Mobile app development Austin 

How common is it to see someone with a smartphone? To put it into perspective, if someone does not have a smartphone, that is the weird thing to notice. From the E-commerce industry to games, mobile apps are a lucrative industry that continues to rise in popularity around the globe. 

At OMG Austin, our Austin mobile app company has developed apps for a number of industries from a social platform that helps sneaker-heads to connect with one another to mobile apps for the healthcare industry that helps them connect with patients, physicians or hold medical records. 

While gaming apps might seem as if they are the most common mobile apps on the market, web browsers and social media platforms are the most common. Only 65 percent of smartphone users have at least one game on their smartphones while 90 percent have Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram or any other type of app on their smartphones more readily. 


Why would a company want to invest into a mobile app? 

The first and foremost important reason that a company would come to an application development Austin company for a mobile app is regarding their target audience. Where are your company’s consumers spending most of their time? If it is on their smartphones and using multiple mobile apps, then it is worth the investment to have a mobile app developed. 

Not only does it target a company’s target audience, but it can allow you to connect with this audience on another channel. A mobile application can have pop-up alerts, promotions and etc that seamlessly allow for a company to interact with their audience on a more individualized and personal level. 

Mobile App Developers in Austin, Texas 

OMG Austin is a bit different than traditional mobile application development companies because we do not outsource any of our development in offshore or international companies when it comes to mobile app development. Not only this, but OMG Austin’s in-house developers are all versed with the latest technology and trends for mobile application development! 

At OMG Austin, our developers are strategic, cutting-edge developers that any company can trust that the project will be delivered with the best quality out there. Not only are our website design and development projects customized, but the same customization is also available for those companies searching for something that has never been done on the market before. 

Mobile application development (app development)  is similar to website development at its roots. This is because the same basic notions are used; however, there are key differences due to the specific platforms that are being developed. Yup, it really changes an entire app if it is only developed for iPhone.That said application would not function properly on Samsung or Android products. 

Just like website development where our developers have to take into consideration the usability, design elements and etc. on different browsers, the same goes for mobile apps in different stores. 

Here’s how OMG Austin is different

We will not build a web application designed for the use of one specific device. We will build your company a mobile application that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

Mobile Website Development in Austin

It is no secret that mobile applications continue to grow in popularity, but is it really worth your company having an application developed? 

If not, no need to worry, our in-house developers we spoke about before can develop a customized website. It is no secret that search engines are putting more focus on mobile friendly websites, and Google has released statements that websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive will outrank websites that are not. At the end of the day, it will only be a company to have a mobile website. 

Why does this matter? OMG Austin can assist you with designing and building the perfect mobile friendly website which will easily translate into a mobile application being made! Once your company has a presence on smartphones and desktop computers, you’re one step ahead of the competition.

No matter if it is a mobile application development or mobile-friendly website, call the leading mobile app development Austin company! 

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