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It is estimated that over 4.5 billion people access the internet every day which is 59 percent of the global population! Not every company wants a website designed and developed to reach across the globe, but even for local companies, a responsive and properly designed website is critical in the 22nd century to stay competitive. 

As the digital world continues to rapidly expand, it is imperative for a company to stay competitive for its consumers and a website design and development is the first step. Not only does a website need to stay ahead of the competition, but a website also needs to respond with search engine’s guidelines set in place. 

 Consumers and Google both expect a website to now load in less than one second. A website that has images that are too large, a clunky website design and slow- loading speeds will only turn away searchers and search engines alike. 

As the leading website development company, what makes OMG Austin different than other website design and development companies in our city? 

Website Design Austin TX 

Website architecture

As a company of people who love to travel, we have all been lost in a new city with no idea where to go next. A website that is poorly designed and developed can be the same feeling to searchers. Without a strategic website architecture plan set in place, searchers will continue to get lost without any sales and goals not being hit. 

Website architecture refers to the way that a website is designed and developed to meet a client’s goals while at the same time making sure to provide the best experience for the consumer. This is the first step for any of our designs and developers. A website should tell a searcher or potential consumer exactly where to go through each step of their customer journey and save time as much as possible. 

A designer and developer will sit down with client’s to understand their overall goals and what is needed from the website. The way an e-commerce website architecture is designed and developed is going to be completely different than a simple five page website. 

Once our team of experts sits down with your company, the next stage is the custom design.

Custom design 

At OMG Austin, our UX website designers and graphic designers design each website to not only be aesthetically pleasing but keep the searcher in mind.  A consumer is the most important person who will interact with a company’s website. Who will be purchasing the company’s products and/or services? Not the company. It will be the consumers. 

This is why we tell all of client’s, “it is not about you.” Ouch, seems harsh, but it is the truth. 

At the end of the day, a website should be designed and architected to flow properly, allow for easy navigation for searchers and easily allow search engines, such as Google, to quickly index the website. 

This is why all of our website design Austin experts start a website design as a blank canvas. This may sound overwhelming but don’t fear, our team will be with you every step of the way. This allows our designers and developers alike to strategically design and develop the perfect website that provides the best user-experience to your consumers. 

Code, it matters 

OMG Austin’s in-house developers are some of the most talented developers out there. Yup, we can proudly proclaim that to all potential customers or clients. This is because OMG Austin is a Google Development Partner. 

A website development company that is a Google Development Partner follows the strict guidelines set in place by Google themselves to provide the best experience for searchers and search engines alike. Even if a company does not continue SEO strategies with us, we can turn over their website to them knowing that all basic website requirements set in place by Google have been met. 

What does this mean for clients who continue to work with OMG Austin on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies? That the website will not only follow these guidelines set in place, but all SEO strategies will follow another 200 ranking factors for SEO purposes! 

Our website development company in Austin, Texas, understands that a website design itself only lasts for about two years, and because of this, all of our coding follows strict HTML5 standards which allow for seamless changes to the website. 

Struggling with your CMS and current website? 

A Content Management System (CMS) is a back-end library that allows for a company to control their website and content on the website. On a traditional website template, there is often a never ending battle between a CMS system and clients losing content while in the process of trying to adjust the website a bit. 

This is never an issue with websites developed at OMG Austin. This is because our company uses ExpressionEngine which saves content and revisions up to 50 changes! This allows for a client to control their own voice, content, and ability to change out images which allow for a company to keep consistent branding and appearance on their website with a simple login. 

Universal APIs 

A CRM system is an example of a third-party system that a company would want their website to play nicely with. OMG Austin’s Universal REST-API is a framework that allows us to connect to third-party software platforms to exchange data. 

The possibilities are endless, to be honest. 

Versatility at our core

From our blank canvas designs to custom code, OMG Austin can take pride in providing our clients with a variety of options from design elements to third-party integration systems. There really is no limit, just a limit on a budget!  From an out-of-the-box idea or a complex integration, we are confident that our diverse team of full stack developers will make your software dreams a reality.

Austin Website Development Company

From e-Commerce to Social Networks, we can create any type of website you could ever dream up. Our unique industry experience ensures that your web project can easily be handled by our monstrous team of designers and developers. 

Come see why our client retention rate is a mind-blowing 98%. You'll be happy you did! 

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