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ExpressionEngine versus WordPress websites

ExpressionEngine versus WordPress websites

WordPress is one of the largest CMS out there with 61 percent of marketing shares making it the largest shares in a market worldwide. This is great for a business! It is a free website service that easily allows for them to create their own website. 

On the other hand, the largest CMS out there might not be the best option for your business. It is kind of like going to the grocery store, getting a free sample and just buying the entire package off one tasting. You loved it at the moment, it was cheap because it was on sale, but now that you are eating it again it might not be as good as you remember.  

This is the same scenario that you can use when thinking about using a WordPress website. Do not go with the free sample because it was great at first. Shop around, get the best bang for your buck. This is how a business can achieve that with ExpressionEngine websites. 


While WordPress is easy to use and a couple widgets later you have a functioning website, but security is a consistent issue with WordPress. WordPress is the most universally used CMS out there, which means it is easier to hack than others on the market. 

Since the inception of WordPress, there have been plenty of security issues and these are some of the four most common we found on the internet: 

  • Malware 

  • Plugins 

  • Brute Force Attack

  • File Exploits

All of this is so common and businesses have these types of issues and really no solution other than making sure you are hosting on a secure network, have a strong password and backup any data to other locations. 

 We only use WordPress if it is specifically requested by clients. This is because for 15 years ExpressionEngine has been one of the most secure CMS out there.  There is a great analogy for this: 

Take a blank sheet of paper. That is WordPress. You can edit, customize and copy this piece of paper, but so can anyone else walking by. 

Take a notebook and open it to the first page. That is ExpressionEngine. Whoever is accessing the first page had to open the notebook to begin with then start editing. There are 200 other pages but with a back cover protecting it all. 

We are the first cover and ExpressionEngine is the back cover always watching our backs. 

Do not let your website get hacked and have something you kind of wanted with a WordPress Template and plugins. 


Often times, clients come to us and want only Jim, Jan, and Karen to be able to edit text and photos on the website, and on the other hand, Sally and Kevin need to be able to access the entire website. No problem there. 

This is a great feature of Expression Engine. We can create individual accounts for each person who needs to access the website while restricting the pages that they can edit. This way Jim does not login to the backend of the website and start editing the homepage versus the blog page. That would be a major issue! 

Custom code 

When someone downloads a WordPress template, you get that template, that is it. There is no custom code. You can certainly add a plugin here and there to help with some customization but what you downloaded is what you get. 

ExpressionEngine is essentially a blank slate. Our team can certainly download one of their templates and custom code inside of that template for specifics; on the other hand, a website that does not fit any templates can be entirely coded on its own. A brand spanking new website that NO ONE else has on the internet. Not many businesses can state that. 

Still not convinced on ditching the WordPress website concept? Give us a call today! 

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