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Digital marketing and artifical intelligence

In a word of Alexas, Google Homes, virtual reality, augmented reality and so many other gadgets, you have to consider how it’s affecting businesses. A business that is adapting with all of this is digital marketing. The world of digital marketing and SEO continue to change and artificial intelligence (AI)  is helping expand marketers knowledge and understanding of the basics and most advanced AI out there.

Everything from advertisements to shopping habits are changing thanks to AI. However, don’t let it phase out your business, instead learn more about it and adapt.

What is AI?

As technology advances, artificial intelligence is often defined that a machine is mimicking human intelligence. This is done by this machine learning about reasoning, perceptions, mathematics, computer science, languages, psychology and more notions that give us the advantage against machines, AKA our human emotions and intelligence.

At one time, the Internet was the greatest form of AI. Oh, how things have changed! AI is now being used from self-driving fleets of vehicles to virtual reality advertisements for shoppers.

Machines are learning human functions that marketers have been tugging on since the beginning of marketing.

Will you have to change your strategies? More than likely, yes.

How is it changing marketing?

The world of AI could be helping marketers in more than a couple of positive ways. The number of people  asking Alexa or Google Homes, “what’s the best recipe for stuffing” is climbing. Instead of the “old school” way of using Google search engine for this basic searching. Plus, these features read the recipe to you in steps. (It’s totally worth it.) For marketers, this helps with several aspects:

It takes out the “guesswork” in what is really working when it comes to SEM, PPC and SEO strategies. The more AI advances, the better the advertisements that can be used. A great example is Facebook who is currently working on augmented reality for shoppers to try on products before buying.  

AI also helps marketers gather more data during their advertisements and will allow for more data-driven marketing campaigns.

Another benefit it reaching your target audience with more personalized messaging. You can get their attention, direct them to the right places and keep them as loyal customers. AI allows for segmented and distinct groups to be targeted for services and products.

In the marketing world, it’s almost like a marketing sin to step outside of your target audience. However, with the right AI strategies, marketers can easily and efficiently step outside of the target audience a bit.

Whether this is all for the better or not is a question for the public, but no matter if it is or isn’t, more people are adding AI technology into their lives. It’s time to adapt.

Marketers can adapt with AI in a couple of different ways. It’s important to personalize your messages more than ever before and get your content ready for voice search and other AI solutions that are on the market. How can your business adapt and stay out of the soon to be stone ages? A leading digital marketing agency like OMG Austin.


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