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Why You Need to Optimize SEO for Voice Search

From Google Home to Alexa, voice search capabilities have skyrocketed over the last year and the industry continues to grow rapidly . Technology manufacturers have increased the speed of results and the understanding capability of speech recognition.

By 2019, it is estimated that the voice recognition market will be a $601 million industry.

Approximately 55% of households will use voice recognition technology by 2020, meaning it is time for your business to jump on board. The increasing use of voice search means that it’s important to optimize your website content for that purpose.

Austin SEO consultants can help you do just that.

When people use voice search, the speech recognition technology interprets the question and the search engine searches through data to find the best answer. Our goal is to help you have the best answer so that you are the source of information in your industry.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring an Austin SEO expert, such as ourselves,  to help optimize your website content for voice search.

Optimize for local SEO.

Austin SEO consultants will help you appeal to your local audience. Search Engine Watch reports that mobile voice searches are three times more likely to be local information based.

Additionally, up to 39% of voice search users are trying to find business information. By choosing a local digital marketing company that knows your target area, you will optimize your reach to local users.

Have better answers than your competitors.

Local, Austin SEO consultants give you the competitive edge, allowing your information to rise above your competitors. At OMG Austin, SEO experts actually help develop your website to follow the natural speech patterns that speech recognition technology looks for.

This allows users to have their questions answered in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Voice search users often ask “what,” “why,” “how,” or “who” questions. Austin SEO consultants will curate your content to best answer the questions voice search users ask.

Maximize your long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that contain two or three words and go hand in hand with natural speech patterns. An Austin SEO agency will compare speech patterns and commonly asked questions and tie them together long-tail keywords.

This ensures that your content is optimized with information likely to be found by the search engine and able to answer users’ questions.

Create a mobile friendly website.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about maximizing relevant keywords, it’s also about decreasing your bounce rate and increasing your website speed. In 2018, it is vital that your business has a mobile-friendly website.

It’s easy for any of us to use Siri or Bixby to find answers on the go. If your site is mobile friendly, you will increase your chances of being displayed during a voice search.

If you are looking to optimize your website content for voice search, contact OMG Austin today!

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