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Google, help me optimize my website for voice search

Google, help me optimize my website for voice search

On a night where no one wants to cook dinner, what do you do? Jump in the car? Ask Google for the best restaurants near me? The second part might be more realistic. TechCrunch states that “one in five adults in the United States have access to a smart speaker and 20 percent of the population is using one on a consistent basis.” As smart speakers continue to rise in popularity, does this change the landscape of SEO for any Austin SEO company?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

What is Google Voice Search? 

Voice Search is when a consumer is using their Alexa or Google Home to search the internet. A great example is the Google Home Hub. One of our employees has one in their kitchen and often uses it to find the best recipes and ask questions about cooking. The search results that are populated are the same ones that rank on desktop first, coincidence? No coincidences with Google. 

WordStream, SearchEngineWatch, Neil Patel and other SEO consultants and professionals in the industry credit the Hummingbird Google Update with starting the process of voice search.

The Hummingbird Update circa 2013 was one of the largest core algorithm updates. While other major updates affected ranking and traffic- it appeared as if the Hummingbird update did not affect rankings and traffic negatively. 

The Hummingbird Update lead the way to the Google Search Engine results that searchers are noticing and using to this day. This is because this update providing searchers with quick information underneath a website’s URL aka the knowledge graph. 

This is where the update is important for voice search. A website that is ranking will want to make sure their “knowledge graph” which is better known as, featured snippets is filled out to the best of their ability. 

When someone searches the best “Italian restaurant” or “best pizza shop in Austin, Texas” a plethora of local (or should be local) results show thanks to several SEO strategies set in place by an Austin SEO company


Check out the URL on your desktop right now. It will show   in the search bar. This means our website is compatible with the https:// framework. 

Neil Patel has noticed that a website which was using this framework tends to be used in voice search results before other ranking websites.  Check out his YouTube video explaining this: 

Website Speed 

It has been estimated that a website has two seconds to load before a consumer leaves. Dang, we used to have one extra second. Website speed is not only important for a website overall but for voice search purposes as well. A page that loads faster has the opportunity for more search inquiries. 

Imagine your parents using their Google Home Hub. Is your mother going to scroll on the screen (she might not know how to) or will  she check out the first three results? From there, the website that takes forever is not the website she wants. She has biscuits to bake right now.

 While website speed is critical, make sure your website is loading just as quickly on mobile as well. 

No longer can a website quickly load for just desktop searches. With the release of the mobile-indexing update, a website that is optimized for mobile and loads quickly will outrank a website that is only optimized for desktops. 

Now a website needs to load in two seconds for mobile, desktop and voice searches. We’ve got our work cut out for us. 


How do you ask Alexa or Google a question? It is as straight-forward as possible. This is where content comes into the mix. A website should not be completely rewritten for voice search purposes, but should have this in the mix of the SEM strategies. 

But, think about it, the questions you type out on Google versus when you are speaking to Google are different. This means writing content in a conversational manner while posing questions with answers inside of the content. It is important to write content based around answer the five W’s and the how

Local search 

Near Me” is one of the largest search results for voice search. What is coming up when someone is asking “Italian restaurants near me.” If SEO is optimized for local SEO then your website should be!

 It is estimated that 22 percent of people use voice search to find local information. This makes local search more important than ever. 

The next step for showing up in local search? Google My Business profiles. No not Google Plus profiles, but an actual Google My Business account. If this content is relevant, updated and optimized this could be one of the first results that show up for “Italian restaurants near me.” 

Now is the time to optimize for voice search. An Austin SEO company can help you optimize your website for desktop, mobile and voice search results. 

Take the guess work out of SEO.

Optimize with voice search with our help!

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