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How mobile apps are transforming healthcare

By 2020 there will be over 2.8 million mobile apps available on Google Play Store and 2.2 million on Apple’s Store. As consumers continue to use smartphones as the primary way to search the Internet, more and more mobile apps will be created for convenience by mobile app development company Austin Texas

With this being stated, a mobile app in specific industries is a wonderful idea for a business. In an industry such as healthcare, an app can help patients and be another resource. 

What is digital health and how are mobile apps transforming the healthcare industry? 

What is digital health?

Digital health is exactly what is sounds like. Digital health provides technology to patients to help ensure better patient engagement, monitor chronic diseases, lower healthcare cost and the ability to tailor their individual health needs. Digital health covers a wide range from wearables to indigestible sensors and gadgets. 

Furthermore, digital health tools, apps and technology can help to improve physician work loads. It can also help with burnout syndrome and gives physicians a better chance to foster healthy patient relationships. 

Often times, in the medical field, mobile apps are being created faster than they are being implemented. More than likely, your physician, local doctor or specialist could have an app or the hospital itself could have an app. 

Digital health also has several other names such as mHealth, telehealth and telemedicine! No matter the name, it all encompasses the healthcare industry’s ability to implement this technology to help their patients. 

With this being stated, what is the value of these mobile apps? 

The value of medical apps 

All of these mobile app development company Austin Texas develop these mobile apps but what is the overall need or value of these mobile apps? A research study shows that over 3,600 medical apps are available to iPhone users alone. 

A great example is Medscape for iPhone. This mobile app allows for patients to refer to medical articles and experts to questions and answers. Also there are over 7,000 drug references, 3,5000 clinical references and 2,500 clinical images and videos all for their usage. A patient can use this mobile app for references for their new medication, medication used during surgery, FAQs and more. All of this is available through just one app! This does not include the thousands of others that are tailored for chronic diseases and health and fitness. 

Another example is rural healthcare. The rural healthcare system has been missing the needed infrastructure and specialists for quite some time, and because of this, digital health and mobile apps can help patients in rural areas. This allows for a health portal to be used, video chats, less missed appointments, save the patient time and money and less driving; all the while, it can increase patient satisfaction a physician's overall ability to provide better healthcare. 

Here is one last example as to why medical apps are valuable. In 2017, there were over 30 million telehealth visits. This means patients were able to contact their physicians through their smartphones which a simple click from  a mobile app. This is accessible through a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This continues to increase patient satisfaction. 

For any healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and general practitioners- a mobile app might be what sets you apart in the industry and help to benefit your patients. 

For more information on a mobile app or the development process, call the mobile app development company Austin Texas professionals! 

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