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The process of developing a mobile app

In the Google Play Store, if a person searches “workout”, there are over 200 apps that relate with this search. That’s A LOT of mobile apps. Regardless of the mobile app a business or entrepreneur is looking to build, it’s important to understand if a mobile app or website is needed first.

Once this is identified, the process of mobile app development Austin can begin!

The process of developing a mobile app

Market Research

The very first thing to be done is market research. For example, if you are creating an app for fitness, research what else is out there.

Who is going to purchase this product? Who will be using it? What are others say about apps similar to your idea? Are they loving or hating it? The questions continue on and on from there.

The insight you gain from market research can help you develop a more focused and higher quality app before the planning starts.

Research allows you to understand the largest competitors out there as well. Creating a startup app that competes with Nike might not be a great plan at first. Not to be Debbie Downers, but if Nike owns that part of the market, chances are anyone who tries to compete will have trouble.


Identifying the objectives of the application you want to build is crucial to your success.

Planning is the beginning stages before your app concept is brought to OMG Austin. Have a defined plan, strategy and follow up with mobile app development Austin experts to start the process.


After you’ve completed market research and have started making a plan, the next step is to outline the objectives of the app in detail.

  1. Is it to educate, entertain or sell something?
  2. The goal behind it: streaming service, access to information or something else?
  3. The overall purpose of the app is ____..

At this stage in the process, clients come to us at OMG Austin to provide insight on the possible app idea. Together we can help turn the idea into something their target audience will want to use!

Once the initial stages are set in motion, OMG Austin assembles our graphic design and mobile app development Austin teams to discuss the design, coding, and deadline on the project.

*WARNING: a more complicated app will require a longer development time. Deadlines depend on the coding, testing and troubleshooting involved.*


The beginning stages of an app start with the graphic design team who create a number of different concepts to be reviewed for the application. Once a concept is approved by the client, the development process starts.

The first phase in development is front-end coding. Front-end coding takes an estimated five to 12 business days, all depending on the mobile app you’re having developed.

Following the development process is the testing phase. This is where all the bugs and system errors are identified prior to the app being released in the Google Play Store or iTunes. Once the bugs are fixed and everything is working up to speed, back-end coding starts.  

Back-end coding is the  phase of developing your app.  The final touches and changes will be made and again, will take an estimated five to 12 business days! Once that’s done, the app is ready to be launched to the world!

From beginning to end, OMG Austin’s team is there for you. We are no strangers to mobile app development Austin in our community. For more information on any of our services, contact us today!

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