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Logos, branding and a company

Any brand design agency  will tell you that a brand and a logo are all part of your company’s identity to any consumers or general public. The wrong logo can turn heads in positive and negative ways for a business just starting or rebranding.

These are examples of how brands and logos all work in favor or against a company.

Branding 101

A brand is synonymous with a business. When a consumer hears about Nike, Under Armor, Porsche, Corvette, Starbucks and other large corporations known globally, what are the thoughts? Are they positive? Are they about their last scandal? All of this deals with branding.

A swoosh of the Nike symbol instantly makes someone think of their slogan “Just do it.” This deals with their logo, their brand and their business.

A great example that happened this year is Payless ShoeSource. One of their storefronts had a “grand opening” of the newest, high end fashion shoes on the market, Palessi. The Palessi store attracted fashion influencers and shoe fanatics. In the end, the storefront just changed the decor and was located in an old Armani store. Payless still sold Palessi shoes inside the store.

At the end, the influencers and shoe fanatics were shocked. It’s a prime example of how branding affects consumers more than they realize it. With this, how does a logo play into branding?

The importance of a logo

At OMG Austin, our graphic designers will tell any client how important their logos are. This is because a logo is the beginning of your business. What will someone see first? More than likely, even if they don’t look at the logo first they will judge a logo before anything else.

Why is a logo important for branding purposes? This is because it’s what grabs the attention and makes the first impression for consumers. A great, mediocre or terrible logo will grab attention for all the right or wrong reasons. One of our graphic designers states, “people are going to be more inclined to go with a company with good branding, which includes a logo, so they’re pretty important. A mediocre logo can symbolize with consumers that the company isn’t as professionals as their competition.”

At OMG Austin, we have our logo on point. What other digital marketing and website development company in Austin has this kind of brand design? No one. That’s because we are a leading brand design agency.  

Why does this matter for branding? This is because it’s your brand’s identity. A more memorable, positive, clean and professional logo will want consumers more inclined to shop and use their services.

Any brand design agency understands that a logo and brand are essential, but even more important when a company starts the journey of rebranding.

A logo and rebranding

Now, a new brand could be exactly what a company needs. The target audience and demographics have changed over the years, so the best time is now. However, be aware of a new brand and logo. This can cause a leading company to lose sales and bring negative thoughts to the consumers.

If the brand is established and easily recognized, the best notion is to often keep the same kind of logo but update it to newer style guides. It’s a make or break for some businesses! A great example is British Petroleum (BP). In the early 2000s the company replaced their 70 year old logo with a new design. This was a success at first, but in 2010 a disaster happened.

One of the largest Marine oil spills which gave consumers the chance to create their own logos. The estimated loss was about $211 million and $125 million annually for a new brand and marketing campaign.

Goes to show, a brand and their logo all matters to the general public.

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