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Email marketing 101: What are drip campaigns

It might seem as if email marketing campaigns are a thing of the past, but that’s far from the truth. Email marketing is a leading form of lead conversion for businesses. It allows businesses to connect with customer and clients and keep their name in front of these customers.

One could think of email marketing as a form of a call-to-action. A customer reads the email campaign that was sent out and follows the call-to-action or moves onto something else. Old school and new school meet again to help one another.

Email marketing

As of right now, over 105 billion emails are sent out each day and by next year 246 billion emails could be sent out on a daily basis. With 49 percent of businesses using some form of email automation, an email marketing campaign is valuable to any business.

It might seem like email marketing is just another thing to try to remember to do each day, but there are some marketing methods that can help save time and money. Ecommerce websites are notorious for email marketing campaigns because of new products constantly coming out. At one point in time, one of us has gotten an email from a business or company about new products. Funny, it all comes at the same time each month with a reminder before the sale is over. Behind all of this is called drip email marketing campaigns.

Drip campaigns in email marketing

What is the best way to get any email marketing campaigns out there to current and new customers and clients? It’s called a drip campaign. In any email marketing software platform, like Monstrous Email, a drip campaign is the scheduling of one email to the next.

A different email is crafted for different campaigns as normal, but each different email campaign is sent out for different purposes. One email will go to all new subscribers on February 3rd and five days later another email will automatically go out on February 8th! Each time one of these drip emails is sent out, it’s coming out of the automation cycle and system of pre-written and designed campaigns. From there, a reminder email can be sent out to ALL clients and customers about upcoming promotions and deals with the business. A couple of days later, when that final reminder email is sent out, it’s already automated inside the software system. Drip email campaigns are known to produce 18x’s more revenue for a business than other email campaigns, and those who are reading those emails see a 119 percent increase in click rates.

This sets the stage for email campaigns to be automated and the potential for a higher click rate. However, not every email marketing campaign needs to be a drip campaign. If a business is sending out a monthly email campaign and that’s it, one can automate it, but there isn’t a need for a drip campaign.

The beginning of a drip email campaign can seem daunting and feel like quite a bit of work because of the initial stages of getting the automation and emails set up. However, once this is set up in a platform like Monstrous Email, there will be pre existing templates to choose from and the knowledge of setting up an automation system.

Not sure if any of your current email campaigns could be simpler and less time consuming with a drip campaign and the right automation platform? Give us a call at OMG Austin to set up a meeting about Monstrous Email and other available marketing services.

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