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The future of website design

As we move towards the future, web development Austin is always looking for features and design elements that will bring our clients to the next level!

What are these elements that are improving the way users interact with the website design?


No website design should be one-size fits all. To make a great impression on customers and users visiting your website for the first time, you need to make an impression that sticks within eight seconds!

That’s where personalization comes into play. Personalization can be anything from the design of the page to the functionality of the website. For example, you wouldn’t need an online store function on your webpage if you don’t have products to sell. You would need something that shows people what services you provide.

Experts at web development austin can help your company find the perfect design and best functionality features to develop into your new website.  

Voice search

‘Hey, Siri,’ ‘Ok, Google,’ and ‘Alexa’ are just a few examples of voice search capabilities that are changing the future of web development austin. The appeal of functions like voice search are that it allows users to search the internet at all times regardless of what they are doing.

Another aspect of the voice search is to help content managers in digital marketing create new strategies to pull people to the site. Which means that the function of voice search will open up new avenues for search engine optimization!

How does this affect web development austin?

With the help of contextual cues, content can be generated through sensors without having to put in a manual search. Digital marketings should be staying ahead of and taking advantage of all the new opportunities that voice search provides.


As a form of automated communication between a user and company, chatbots are used for companies to be accessible for their customers. The beauty of chatbots are that they can relieve companies from having staff on hand at all hours, without the consumer losing accessibility to them.

With the help of this tool companies can increase their customer service base and limit the amount of misinformation that is given out. Overall, a chatbot is a great way to ensure that consistent messaging is going out to all customers.


Visually, design elements like illustrations are a great way to draw in your customer. You can do this in a couple of ways, such as infographics, button, scrolling photos, GIF and more.

All of these elements are meant to help a webpage function well and look appealing to users. Without a beautifully designed website it can put companies at risk of losing to the competition in the future!

The future of web development austin is here to stay! So, are you willing to make the change? If you think you can handle our monstrous team of designers and developers, contact us today! We promise; we don’t bite!

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