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Amazon, Google and SEO strategies

In the world of search engine optimization, there is one word that comes to minds Google. The two are  synonymous. SEO and Google are a pair everyone understands, kind of like peanut butter and jelly goes together, it all just makes sense. However, there is something most people don’t understand with online ecommerce, Amazon SEO.

Wait, hold on a second. Amazon uses search engine optimization strategies just like Google?! Yes. As a leading Austin SEO company, we verify this information! So, how does all of this work for an online business?

Let’s learn about the several Amazon SEO strategy, how Google and an Austin SEO company all work together to get you a higher ranking.

What is Amazon SEO

There are currently over 300 million accounts on Amazon. The average net sale in 2017 was over $177 billion! Just for one year! With all of these products, there needs to be a process. When you’re searching for a specific product, an algorithm will see what you’re searching and match products that relate to your search. (Sound familiar?)

The Amazon algorithm is called A9. What does A9 team work on? The team states, “we manage search and advertising technologies that are scalable, highly available, and cross-platform for our parent company, Amazon, and other clients.” So, this means the team works on matching the best products with your search. The team works on sorting ads and products each day. The average number is around 1.2 billion for ads, 212 milliseconds for search results and 45 million visual search queries.  

The steps to ranking on the first page

A new trend this year in the OMG Austin office is blue light blocking glasses. They’re a lifesaver when you work in a 9 to 5 job setting. Let’s search for these on Amazon to give you examples of what Amazon SEO strategy is in place.

When you search for “blue light glasses.” In the top left hand side shows all the search results that come up with this particular search.

The first couple of pairs are sponsored advertisements, just like Google has, you keep scrolling and find best seller items, Amazon’s choice and more.

For the sake of Amazon SEO strategy, let’s us the Amazon’s Choice glasses. The title of this Amazon’s Choice is optimized, which is the first step. From here, comes the content.

You want to add the colors available, product descriptions, prices, reviews, and more. Your product needs to tell customers what they’re looking for and why they’re better than competition for these kind of glasses.

The similarities between the two

Yes, there are similarities between these two methods. We recommend both Google search engine optimization and Amazon search engine. Why is this? Well search “blue light glasses” into Google. What’s the first things that are coming up? A list of blue light glasses. The ones on Amazon didn’t come up, but over one million other results show up. This shows, the similarities between Amazon SEO strategy and any Austin SEO company strategies.

Both Amazon and Google algorithms, both uses SERP, both use key factors in seo such as:

  • Image names
  • Optimized content
  • Optimized backend searches and links
  • PPC advertisement (sponsored)
  • Reviews matter

The main difference between the two is Amazon is simply trying to sell products. Google wants you to find the best products for your search, learn more and eventually purchase if that’s the goal of your search.

At the end of the day, any business needs SEO strategies on Google. If you’re an ecommerce website, you need seo strategies on both Amazon and Google.

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