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Content: Google versus people

In the digital marketing world, all digital marketers write content with two things in mind, search engine optimization strategies and engagement. Is the content SEO based and is it engaging enough for consumers to WANT to read. Often times, the lines are blurred and the notion of “writing for Google” is the forefront of the content.

In the marketing world, this can be a constant struggle to write content for Google or human consumption. As a leading marketing agency Austin we wanted to talk about our approach to this!

Content for Mr. Google!

Almost anyone who uses Google will admit that it’s one smart search engine platform. The growing number of websites, blog sites, and more content being added onto Google is astonishing. The even more astonishing part is this smart algorithm is sifting through all this content to bring the best experience for users. (Mind blown!)

There are over 3.5 billion searches done daily in Google search engine! As the most used search engine out there, Google is pretty accurate in finding the content that is being searched. Does it need some help from Austin SEO consultants? No.

Yup, nope. Google will find a website based on the criteria that is set in place without help from Austin SEO consultants. As digital marketers, WE need help from Google. With that in mind, this is how content plays into this role.

What is considered “quality content”

If you write awesome, quality content with SEO strategies set in place Google will identify this. As a digital marketer it’s important to to write quality content for consumers but let Google know, “Hey, I’m here!”

So, what is considered “quality content?” Quality content is considered anything that Google deems worth sharing. It’s the answer to real people’s questions. It’s the information that people talk about in their blogs that is deemed newsworthy, evergreen content and worth reading. Finally, it’s content that your business, should want to be shared. In its essence this is quality content.

The issue is creating quality content that  has an SEO stamp of approval from Mr. Google himself and content that consumers want to share and learn more about.

The verdict

The verdict is to write any content with SEO strategies in mind and remember that humans are ultimately consuming the content. Google is checking for their guidelines and what makes the algorithm happy, and the more people who are reading the content and enjoying it, the more Google will put their stamp of approval on the content itself.

At the end of the day, Austin SEO consultants at any marketing agency Austin understand that content is created with SEO strategies in mind but written for human consumption and enjoyment! Yes, any marketer needs to hit a word count or use the best keywords in content; however, let the creative juices flow and write for enjoyment as well. The more you enjoy and understand what you’re writing about, the better the content will be and the better Google will like it.

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