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How long does it take to build a website?

The honest answer at OMG Austin? It depends on you. A website can either take a month or one year depending on a client’s feedback, response times and how quickly you need the site to operate.

There are dozen of factors to consider such as; the size of the website, functionality, resources and more.

The best way to gage how long your new website will take comes from our experience. This is a general timeline and an overview of how your business’s website is built from beginning to the final touches.

The first phase: requirement gathering

This is a standardized survey sent to each client. This allow for the OMG Austin team to know where you currently stand.

Do you have a website current? If so, what do you enjoy, hate and need to replace? Why do you need one? Are you an eCommerce driven site? This survey takes no longer than a couple hours at the most.

Our team sits down with clients during the survey process for better clarification while to answering questions and sharing our expert opinions.

As any business knows, communication is key for  success! Before the design process begins, it’s important we know our team and yours are all on the same page.

We pride ourself on transparent communication.

The second phase: the design process

This stage  determines the project’s timeline. (People, answer your emails.) It’s also  when honest communication and transparent feedback are necessary.

The design process itself, depending on how many pages, can take about a week for our team to create two to three concepts. From there, we send it to the client for approval and feedback.

If you hate the concepts, let us know. For everyone’s sake, give us the cold, hard truth! It’s easier to reset in the design process than in the coding stage. The longer it takes for feedback, the longer your project is pending.

The third phase: front end coding

If a website was a house, front-end coding would be the pretty exterior with the beautiful brick, tall pillars and welcoming blue front door. This step gives your website design life!

Design and front-end coding are not interchangeable terms. The difference is a designer focuses on the visual presentation and the website developer concentrates on coding. The code makes the cute pop-up advertisement clickable, the size of the header image and more.

The front-end code takes five to 12 business days, depending on how many pages are on the website. A simple homepage, contact us page, with a couple subpages will easily take five days. A large website with multiple subcategories, pages and more will be closer to the 12 day mark.

The fourth phase: the back- end code

This is the one of the final phases with your website. The front-end code is complete, everything looks great and you approved for the rest of the website to be finished! This takes just as long as the front-end coding, again five to 12 business days.

Along with coding, this is the moment content is added the website. This is where all of our SEO, SEM, keyword, content strategy and are placed onto the website.

Another halt in the process is this moment. Clients often times forget we are not experts in their field! Without content, a website can’t be published. The earlier our digital marketing and SEO teams receive the content the better.

The final phase: on-going support

At OMG Austin, our website clients are lifetime clients. As long as the website is up and running we will be your support team. This means making changes when necessary, troubleshooting, support and more. We never leave a client out to dry!

The same steps go for building a mobile app.  This is why the right professionals need to develop your website. Could you imagine the wrong team working on it? Oh, the amount of errors that could happen. We see these errors all the time once a client brings in their old website for review. (Yikes).

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