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How to start your video marketing strategies

The world of video marketing comes in  every shape from Snapchat videos to YouTube. How do you take topics typically known for blogs, infographics, updates and put it all into a video?

Get your phone, camera, do your research and get started with video marketing.

In 2019, 80 percent of internet traffic will be video! This is how to get started on your video marketing strategy for digital marketing.

The most critical component

Sure, it can be difficult to know why you need video marketing. The reason you need it? Video marketing has been the most popular, powerful communication media in the world since its invention.

The number one notion to remember with video marketing is your video is a part of a larger picture. (in this case video). This is where your key performance indicators is a contributing factor in your strategies.

What do you want to get out of your video marketing? More followers, a better ROI, a new way to reach your audience or just keep up with trends.

How to start your video:


You can’t go into a plan with no understanding of why you need video marketing. If you have no clue why you would need it, benefit from it or other reasons sit down and get a plan in action.

- Have you ever used video marketing before? If yes, why? If no, why not?

- What is the overall purpose?

- The long-term or short-term goals in mind?

- Who is going to be watching this video? Clients, potential clients, executives, etc.

- How will you keep the current tone and voice you have in your social media posts?

- Who will be featured in these videos?

- How to edit each video to reach limits on social media

- The kind of budget you have? In-house video, outsource budget?

These are several questions to ask yourself before you venture on the video marketing world.

Pitch your video to a team

Once you have done your research and answered all the questions above, have a video marketing strategy in mind then go to your team. A digital marketing team can help you define better strategies, goals and hone in on the first video. 

Production/ Budget

You and your team signed off on a video. Now, it is time to pitch to the executives!

This is a more challenging task at hand. A room of executives might not understand the need for video marketing.

You need to make the case for the need of video marketing. You want to hit them with the hard facts and ROI. This is what will be a concern, and add something in there about competition.

You need to go in there understanding if the company can afford an outside business or do it all internally. If outsourcing, how much money will it cost? If you need the resources, you have to sell a great pitch.

These are some of the very first steps to take in the video marketing world. These are four reasons why video marketing is great for your business from Carley Creative!


OMG Austin can help you to start video marketing strategies! For more information, contact us today. 

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