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Search Engine Optimization Strategies With Videos

If you are to type in, “how to fix my washer,” into Google Search Engine it will not only bring up websites and ads but you can find videos as well. There are videos for testimonials, how to’s, DIY, video games and more. The world of video marketing is larger than most people realize!

Over half of video content is viewed on mobile and 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with each other!  This means one person will share it with their friends, and their friend will share it and the next thing you know something is viral!

Besides it being a great strategy for digital marketing, it can help with your SEO as well. This is how to optimize your videos for SEO purposes so you can rank your website and videos.

Always Transcribe Your Videos  

The transcription is just the text of what was discussed about in the video. Google cannot watch your video or listen to what you are saying so the best thing to do is transcribe it.

This way Google can crawl your content on the video. You want to add everything you normally would for a blog- title, description, the text and a keyword here and there.

The Best and Relevant Title

Let’s go back to the original example, “how to fix my washer.” Any video that has this title or a title similar enough to this shows first on Youtube or other video streaming websites.

This is because the title is being searched just like advertisements and websites are coming up. Your video will reach the right audience with the correct title.

You want to make sure all titles are compelling and use meta descriptions. A meta description is just as important as the title if not more important! Often times, an Austin SEO or SEO professional can forget about meta descriptions.

Good ‘Ole Quality Content  

Yup, we are back again to this subject. Any Austin SEO company understand that quality content and SEO go hand in hand, and at OMG Austin this is a main priority.

Just like when you write a blog for your website the content is held to a high-standard with Google, the same goes for videos.

If people watch your video for a few seconds, click out, and this becomes a recurring problem you will drop in ranking. If it keeps happening, goodbye to all ranking. This is because Google will consider this video low-quality.

All businesses want their videos to be informational with good quality content. This not only is great for your business but your SEO ranking as well.

Stuck on how to make your current Youtube video rank on Google? Bring them to us, we can help you!

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