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Social Media Marketing mistakes & how to fix them

Social Media Marketing mistakes & how to fix them

A Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest and Instagram will all falter if there is no strategy behind social media management. Any business can start a social media account, which is wonderful, but this comes common mistakes.

These are the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

Posting with no strategy

Social media management and marketing helps a business reach their target audience in larger quantities, nurture leads, create buzz and conversation. The whole purpose of social media was created was to create a conversation with people all over the globe. While your business might not be trying to reach the entire globe, a local audience should be in the picture. (Pun intended). If the content that is being created is published just because “you have to post to social media” consumers will not engage with it. 

Way too many posts 

A mystery for most businesses is how often to publish. There are thousands to millions of articles out there showing a business the DIY way of creating and publishing posts out to social media platforms. Any digital agencies Austin will explain that too many posts will oversaturate consumers and have the reserve affect businesses are searching for. 

Consistency will outweigh frequency any day, friends. Be consistent with the strategy and publishing posts each day, a couple times a week or once a week. Yes, there are optimal times to post on all social media platforms every single day of the week, but if a business is just posting way to many it does not matter what time it is being posted. 

Stop all the posts and promotions while we are here. 

All promotion 

Promotions. Social media is free advertisements for your business, which is wonderful, but consumers are tired of businesses always selling them a product or service. Be honest for a second; as a consumer, have you unfollowed a business on social media because all they did was promote their products? Yes? No? Maybe so? 

As Gary Vaynerchuk expresses in his books, the most important element is creating a brand that consumers trust. Trust. Trust is the biggest asset in the digital marketing world. Do consumers trust your products? Brand? Quality? Expertise? No matter what it is, create a trust with consumers. 

Buying followers

Who are your followers? If a business is trying to foster a community that reaches their target audience, stop buying followers. Often times, a business will do a giveaway. This is a wonderful idea and most of the time digital agencies Austin will encourage this type of social media posting; however, a promotion that only allows people to win if they follow the page is not always a great idea. 

Why is this? Joe Schmo from down the road will like your Facebook page to enter for a chance to win a gift card, but never call once for a product or service. Was it worth it? This is almost like  buying followers, but in an organic way. 

On the other hand, buying followers is a huge mistake. Often times, these accounts are only “active” for six months before they are deleted by the social media platform. This will put a business right back to square one, with little to no followers and posting to an empty social media feed. Go in to the social media accounts, follow users back, like their tweet, comment back an emoji here and there and be done with it! 

Social media management can be a time consuming process when done incorrectly. Without a strategy behind it, it can be forgotten and thrown under the rug like dust. OMG Austin is one of the leading digital agencies Austin that can provide businesses with social media management and a range of other options. 

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