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The benefits to brand awareness on social media

Can you picture the following symbols in your head as someone says them outloud to you? Coca-cola, Cheerios, Nike, Under Armor, Amazon, Target and others.

You can picture the Under Armor symbol, the Nike swoosh, a nice cold glass bottle of Coca-cola and the others! This is all thanks to brand awareness.  

Their brand is what people go for. You buy Nike shoes because they are stylish and comfortable; along with this, this is a brand you love and possibly have devoted loyalty to.

We all have that one brand we will never stray from, a great example, iPhone users. Why is brand such an important aspect of any business?

Because it represents your values and who you are to the public. The better the brand awareness the better the sales.

So, why is brand awareness so important ESPECIALLY in a digital world?

The average time someone is spending on social media sites- nearly two hours everyday! This translate to a total of five years and four months of someone’s life scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

The benefits to brand awareness  

As anyone can see, brand awareness on social media is a powerful tool when it comes to growing your brand awareness. There will always be companies who disclaim it as a marketing strategy, but that is just asking for your competition to out rank you.

Find the right audience. Once you find the right audience brand awareness is a walk in the park.

Hone in on your target audience. There are a number of methods to bring in your target audience- PPC advertisements, Facebook Ads, Boosted Posts, Instagram stories and more.

As a leading digital marketing Austin company we can provide all of these services on social media and help create a positive brand awareness.

Furthermore, keep engaging once you have a set target audience. This will keep the conversation going on what your customers or client are enjoying, dislike, their concerns and other common problems.

At the end of the day, ROI is important  

The better your brand awareness, the more sales and website traffic you will receive. This is because you have your target audience down.

You know who wants, needs and will use your products or services on a daily basis. This increases brand loyalty and means customers will keep coming back and new ones will keep showing up.

This all creates a strong bond between your business and your customers which results in a high brand awareness.

What do people associate with your brand? It is good, bad, or you are not really sure?

We understand that brand awareness can be difficult to start. This is why you need a digital marketing Austin company like OMG Austin.

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