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It’s estimated that this year each shopper will spend $1,007.24 on Black Friday! The turkey is out of the oven and dinner is just ending and people are already out shopping. Traditionally, Black Friday was only held on the Friday after Thanksgiving; however, as the years have passed the holiday cuts earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving.

A professional shopping tip: the best deals aren’t on Black Friday anymore, they’re on the days following up to this shopping palooza.

These are some statistics about Black Friday spending habits and consumer behaviors:

  • 2017 holiday sales from November to December totalled to be $691.9 billion!
  • 11 percent of Black Friday shoppers in 2017 started before 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. Another 11 percent started at 6 p.m. and over 25 percent started at 10 a.m. or later on Black Friday itself.
  • Amazon is the top retailer for online Black Friday deals and shopping.
  • Walmart is the second biggest for online Black Friday deals and shopping.

How did we know about these deals? Email marketing, social media and word of mouth. The holidays are the biggest quarter for sales for all e-commerce and businesses. It’s important to get your brand out there and your products and services.

P.S.: Amazon started their Black Friday deals on November 1st this year! Yes, there are still items that will be specifically made for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the picking might be slim.

These are some of the hottest technology gifts on the market this year for Black Friday. The technology nerd in your life will enjoy all of these!

The newest iPad 2018, iPad Pro and iPhone XS

Apple keeps releasing new versions of their ipads and iphones and this year, you can get a deal on their newest releases just in time for Black Friday shopping. You can get your newest iPhone at Best Buy, Target, WalMart, Sprint, AT&T or Verizon.  Some deals start on November 22nd!

The newest Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has released its Black Friday advertisements weeks in advance preparing for these killer Black Friday deals! You can get the newest Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 at the  following places: Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and other major retailers that carry Samsung devices. Check out all the other Samsung gear going on sale for Black Friday deals!

Fire TV sticks

The Amazon Fire TV Stick works with Alexa home devices and plays in the newest 4K televisions. Amazon will be releasing a great bundle on a 4K tv with a Fire Stick on Black Friday. Make sure to check out the deal. If you don’t need a new TV, this Fire Stick will be perfect for $40.00!

Echo tile

Often find yourself searching for your keys, wallet, cell phone, the kids favorite toy or other common items each and every day- Tile is for you! There are several different options available from the Tile Mate to the Echo Dot Tile! A great bundle deal for those who are always losing those valuable items.

4K tvs

The newest televisions on the market are smart tvs and 4K! The definition of 4K tvs are amazing and offer several different kinds of apps to be added to the television and more! The prices of 4K televisions are great to begin with, but during Black Friday the deals are even better.

Google Home Hub

A step up from their Google Home is the Google Hub. The Google Hub still offers all the features of the Google Home, but adds a small touch screen for a new and improved feature.

Wifi adapter

Any entrepreneur, traveler, business person and others who laptops are their lifeline will enjoy a WiFi adapter this year. This creates a hotspot for your laptop for those moments you really need WiFi for those work meetings!

These are some of the top gift ideas for the technology nerds and junkies in your life! As always, check out all the deals out right now on any website to learn more about the deals coming your way Friday!

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