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Ecommerce websites and digital marketing strategies

There are approximately 110,000 ecommerce websites generating revenue on the internet! How do you make sure your small ecommerce website and business stand up to the other 109,999 websites and businesses?

Two steps. One, an effective website presence. Two, the best digital marketing strategy.

Your ecommerce centric website is designed and used for selling hundreds to thousands of products! Your customers want to search for the product, find it and grab it as fast as possible; however, an ecommerce business might not realize that the right website elements and content are just as important as the products on their pages.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important for those quarterly sales to skyrocket during this timeframe. How can you optimize your ecommerce website for the best holiday quarter this year? Leave it to OMG Austin!

Digital marketing  strategies


You have your product, code numbers, some reviews but little content. Content is often considered something that isn’t a driving revenue or factor in your meetings, but a quality content strategy could help increase your sales.

The first thing that needs to be added to any retail website is the best ecommerce content. Google and customers need to understand what your product is. For example, take an air fryer for example. The best ecommerce content will need description of the fryer so the customer knows the:  size, features it offers, price, customer reviews and more. While you’re writing out this content, keep SEO in mind!


You’ll want to make sure all content is focused around SEO keywords. This is a vital point in writing the best ecommerce content for a website.

Over 40 percent of visits to an online store come from organic searches, which is SEO! A simple search in Google for air fryers shows the importance of content and SEO.

There are several reasons these fryers come up before others: SEO, SEM and other digital marketing strategies.

How can you make sure you have the right SEO keywords and strategies to outrank and beat the competition? The right digital marketing strategies from a leading Austin company.


Once you’ve optimized SEO strategies, another great tip is to add videos. A video can show the customer how to work the product, what it looks like on and explain more about it.

One of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing online is not being able to see it in person. (There are pros and cons to everything!)

Not everyone can deploy 3D viewing, virtual reality advertisements and other forms of this new kind of advertisement on websites; however, a simple video could solve this problem.  

A simple video on your website is easy content for one, it can be optimized with SEO strategies and over 75 percent of all online traffic is video based.


These additions could be exactly what your website needs to outrank and get better sales this holiday and many more to come! Leave the digital marketing strategies to the experts at OMG Austin.

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