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Email marketing for the holidays!

Emails are sent each and everyday! Think about it- how many work related emails do you send in one day? Take that number and add email marketing to the list. On average over 205 billion emails are sent each and everyday! This number will increase to over 246 billion by the end of 2019!

The right time is now for the holidays! October to December is the biggest quarter for companies during the holidays. How can email marketing help you during the holiday quarter?

What is email marketing

Email marketing is a personal and inexpensive method of digital marketing to reach clients and customers! The right email marketing strategy helps foster relationships with customers and clients, can easily boost your sales and integrates easily with other digital marketing strategies already implemented in your day to day business.

Email marketing for the holidays

The first thing to understand with email marketing during the holidays is to know your holidays. If you’re an international company, October to November might be lucrative for the United States but not for other countries and territories. The first thing to do is find the top holidays and make an email marketing campaign around that. 

Customer centric 

Always remember to focus on the customer not the holiday alone! As Hubspot states, “the holidays are busy, hectic time for everyone (not just marketers!) and they probably don’t appreciate having their inbox flooded with hard-sell emails.”

It’s important to remember that there is someone on the other side of the screen reading these emails that are possibly flooding their email.

If you keep bombarding your clients and customer with emails, they will begin to unsubscribe. Sixty-nine percent of users unsubscribe due to “too many emails.”

Know your audience and send emails each day, once a day. Not sure if you’re bombarding your clients and customers or sending the right message? Let digital marketing Austin experts help you sort this out.

Pro-tip: send a nice heart-warming email during the holidays. Here are some great examples of email marketing!


The right audience makes all the difference. Our digital marketing Austin experts understand the importance of target audiences; the wrong message to the wrong audience is like talking to yourself in an empty room.

Is your target audience the millennial generation? If so, get your email marketing campaign tailored to this specific audience.

A study shows that the average holiday spending with be $658 this year, and older millennials are expected to spend $779 on average.

If millennials are not your only target audience, then tailor the message for different generations. According to Mailjet study, 27 percent of subscribers over 55 years of age believe that emails are targeted towards millennials.

Tailor your message for different generations. What do millennials care about with your products that are specific to their generation? The tech, the speed, accessibility or other factors.

Hit 'em in the feelings 

Finally, make your email marketing campaign for this holiday personal. This will help increase your overall holiday quarter sales. Look at the data from other email marketing campaigns and emails sent out- what is working and isn’t working. What messages did the best- personalized ones or generalized?


All of this seem like a large amount of work. At OMG Austin, our digital marketing Austin experts can handle all of this for you. Email marketing can bring in more ROI this holiday with some simple steps. For more information, contact us today.

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