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The need for holiday marketing

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween is in 41 days, Thanksgiving is in 63 days, Christmas Eve is in 91 days and the countdown continues for every other holiday in between! As a business, bring in more ROI and customers than ever before with the right holiday marketing strategies.

The holidays are quickly approaching, but are you ready for them?

Start planning

This is the first step for selling your products. The best time to start a digital marketing or SEO campaign is NOW! Yes, now. It may seem like you’re jumping the gun a bit, but studies and reports show how holidays are the best sales time for e-commerce companies.

A study highlights how quarter four, between October to December, is when companies see the biggest seasonal sales increase! The next biggest quarter for businesses is  quarter two which has Mother’s Day and Father’s Day added into those months. Check out the chart below from BigCommerce to see the difference in quarters.

Some companies are filling the shelves with their products as early as September! Don’t be the last one. The next step in your plan? A killer digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) campaign! Bring the customers to you and keep them excited for more.

The following step is determining the channels you’ll be focusing on with either digital marketing or SEO. At OMG Austin, we recommend both strategies to bring you the best holiday sales and success.

Digital marketing

You want to start digital marketing for the holidays now. However, you don’t want to brand your images and campaigns for Christmas time just yet. This is because 59 percent of consumers feel the “right” time to start seeing holiday promotions and advertising is around November. Get your deals and promotions into place!

What needs to happen? First, get logged onto those social media accounts and get the word out!

his is the one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience in a quick time frame. Don’t have a social media account or followers? Bring your troubles to us!

We can help develop a digital marketing campaign for the holidays and continue afterwards. You want to create a buzz around not only your products but your brand. Sell your brand!

Another great way is through email marketing. The customer has items left in their cart? Send them a personalized email reminding them about these items. A quick jolt in their memory might spring them into action.


Not sure about the digital marketing campaigns? That’s okay. OMG Austin offers PPC advertisements. Sixty-two percent of consumers are using search engines for their holiday shopping. This means become friends with the Google search engine now!

The first thing needed is keywords. This takes a considerate amount of time and manpower. Leave it to us.

The right PPC advertisement will bring in more customers. For a short time frame like holiday marketing, PPC ads might be the best option for your business.

This is because they are paid advertisements on the Google search engine. How can your PPC ad bring in the customers? The right keywords and SEM strategy.  

A business who combines both of these digital marketing strategies will increase their chances of this year’s fourth quarter being the highest net worth this year! Get your holiday marketing strategies started now with OMG Austin. (Psst, you’re really behind so call us now!)

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