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The Two Main Don’ts Of Content And SEO

Any content on your company’s website, including blogs, needs to properly use keywords. Why?

This helps boost your rank in Google and get more traffic to your page, which can bring a better return of investments (ROI).

The strategy behind SEO is more complex than finding the best words to help you rank on Google. There is finding the right keywords, using proper backlinking, search engine marketing, and more.

The wrong SEO strategies could kill your website! These are the don’ts of SEO strategies!

Find Keywords and Never Check Them Again!

Yes, it may seem easy to figure out what keywords you are going to use in your content throughout your website. But it involves taking out a considerable amount of time and putting in effort to understand the words and phrases being targeted.

You need to know a lot about your audience and search result metrics to be able to target the right keywords.

For the best results, there needs to be a constant process of evaluating and reevaluating the keywords and phrases being used for the content being produced. You want to constantly keep checking.

This is because keywords are constantly going up and down in ranking, which is actually good for your SEO strategies.  

What you don’t want to do is find keywords, start to use them, and never reevaluate or check on how they are doing! SEO takes time and patience and weekly updates to make sure the keywords you’re using are optimized.

The Don’ts of Using Keywords in Blogs

A blog is great resource to add to your website. A blog can help your website in a number of different ways.  

The first way is increasing your search engine traffic. You can write a high-quality content blog that relates to your business or industry and bring traffic to your website this way.

However, a low quality content blog with the wrong SEO strategies could make you disappear in the Google Search Engine shadows.

You never want to add too many keywords to a blog at one time. It could be confusing for Google to crawl each one.

You’re better off sticking to one keyword and using it.

When a keyword sounds unnatural in a blog or on your website, Google will not crawl this. Google is a smart machine, it knows when you are forcing keywords and the same goes with the people reading the blog.

You want to use natural backlinking strategies. If Google finds out you’ve been paying for backlinks and using shady SEO strategies, it could penalize your company.

If you get caught going against the webmaster guides, say goodbye to your current ranking.

It can be easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to SEO strategies. This can be from a lack of understanding, lack of time, and a lack of commitment.

We understand, at OMG Austin, we can provide the best SEO strategies for you and maintain it all. You’ll never have to worry again!

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