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You go to the app store in Google Play or iTunes and are searching for the best mobile application to play while you’re bored or traveling. Depending on how bored you are or how long you are traveling could determine what kind of game you get.

You download a few and immediately uninstall others because they are difficult to use, very outdated, weird colors, or a number of other reasons. All of this is done with software and the design notions of User Experience and User Interface notions.  

What Exactly is User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)?

User Interface deals with the layouts of the mobile application or responsive website you are currently using. This is the visual appeal of the product. While UX focuses more on how the product is used.

The layout of your game, the colors, the graphics and more deals directly with UI. On the other hand, UX is the reason the game is simple to use.

User Experience is taking what clients will want out of a product and making it easy to use. You want the clients to use the products in the most pain-free ways possible. This means you take into consideration the following questions when designing a great UX mobile application:

  • Usability - You always want to start with this when it comes to developing a mobile application. Who will be playing this game? What does the user want to achieve? How can I make this experience as efficient as possible?
  • User Profiling - This deals with target audience. You want to know who will be playing your game and how easy it will be for them. While you want it to be efficient and easy to use, you also do not want to make it too easy for certain age groups.
  • Asking for Permissions - Remember push notifications! Not all apps need this necessarily, but if I die during my game and I am out of lives, I want to know when I generate more! Never just send push notifications, make sure clients want push notifications.
  • Form vs Function - This is a common dilemma, but it’s simple to answer. Do you choose design over functionality? Nope, never.
  • Simplicity - Honestly, the simpler the better.  Plus, keep it consistent as well.
  • Don’t Make Me Think - Let me play my game and stop making it difficult for me. This means clear, concise, and straight to the point.

Along with these consideration, make sure you know what the competition is doing. You want to know what is working with their app, what is not, and how clients are receiving it.

You want to stay one step ahead of the game, and TMG Austin the leading mobile app development company is here to help, y’all.  

You can check out these basic tools to consider when designing UX for mobile applications!

How Is UI and UX Working Together for Mobile App Development Companies?

UI and UX work together at the end of the day even though they are different.  This is because you want the best working mobile app along with the best design.

You can have one over the other, but it is best to have the best of both worlds.

This is because UI designers bring the website together with all of the finishing pieces. The color, the text, the layout, and so much more.

UI designers ensure that there is a consistent visual language across all screens so that there are no issues during the journey that the UX designers have created.


TMG Austin is the leading mobile app development company in the Austin area. We can create an interface that is both UI & UX compatible. 

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