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Marketing influencers: micro versus macro

With 80 percent of marketers utilizing influencers as a marketing strategy, it’s essential to know what marketing firms in Austin Texas are using influencers for.

What is an “influencer”?

Welcome to the world of influencer marketing firms in Austin Texas! The word ‘influencer’ may have you wondering: what else is out there that I don’t know about? In short, an influencer is a person who uses social media platforms to help promote a businesses product.

What is a micro influencer?

When you hear the word ‘micro,’ it’s easy to think back to your high school biology class. But, the truth is that this is a completely different form of science then you may be familiar with.  


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In fact, a micro influencer can have quite an impact on a businesses marketing strategy. So, does the word micro really do this form of influencer justice?

Known as the ‘marketing force of the future,’ micro influencers are people who are relatable to the everyday consumer. They don’t necessarily have a large following, but they are experts in the products or services they’re promoting and their followers share their interests as well.

What is a macro influencer?

When you think about a macro influencer, you don’t think of numbers of followers. You think of celebrities that have reality T.V. shows and dedicated fans that support them. Most of the time they are people who are well-known in the community and can reach a wide range of people in a very little amount of time.


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So, what are the requirements? To be considered as a macro influencer a person needs to have a following of 50,000 to 300,000 people. Research has shown that having too many followers can lead to a possible drop in likes. So, to be the most effective for marketing firms in Austin Texas, it’s important to have your limits.

How are they similar?

It may seem like these two types of influencers are two worlds apart, but ultimately they do share similarities.

For example, no matter what kind of influencer they share similar goals for the outreach of their clients brand. Another similarity that influencers share is the platforms that are used, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

How are they different?

Although there are obvious differences between micro and macro influencers that doesn’t mean there aren’t more under the surface.

For example, a macro influencer may not be as affordable as a micro influencer would be. But, when it comes to outreach a macro influencer is able to reach a wider audience than a micro influencer because their audience is tailored to their content.

Whereas, some other differences rely more on the relationship of the influencer have with their audience. In other words, how relevant is their content, how loyal is their audience and how is their audience reacting to their promotions.

So, which one is better for your business?

From a scientific stand-point, the effectiveness of any influencer is dependent on the percentage of engagement they have while being based on the amount of followers they have. It also comes down to what the needs of your brand are.

The only way to know which route is best for your company is consult with marketing firms in Austin Texas! Not only can they help to guide you, but they can help you manage your social media content as well!


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