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Which social media platform is right for your business

The ultimate goal of any digital marketing strategist is to help their clients gain followers, more sales, promote brand recognition and more! How is this done? With the right digital marketing strategies.

At OMG Austin, a business needs a strong social media presences for several reasons ranging from local SEO to brand awareness. In order to excel in social media marketing, a business needs to implement a digital marketing campaign using the right social media platforms.

There are over 60 different social media platforms a business could possibly utilize! How can anyone know which ones to know? Well, the professionals at OMG Austin know which platforms to use for each demographic, the best strategies and the latest trends in the digital marketing Austin world.  

Here are the popular social media platforms a business should be utilizing.


Facebook is the world’s largest social network today! There are more than 2 billion people on Facebook. Over a decade ago, it  was the least popular social media platform on the market.

There are two age groups most commonly using Facebook. The first is ages 18 to 29 and the second is ages 65 and over. However, this does not mean the gap between these age groups is inactive on the site. 

It might seem impossible to reach your target audience. Facebook has specific business pages for companies to easily market with their audience. There is also Facebook Ads available.

However, with the newest Facebook GDPR it makes marketing on there harder for businesses. What you will  need? A strong and personalized digital marketing strategy and a professional digital marketing Austin company.


Instagram is taking the digital marketing business by storm. It rapidly changed the way millennials interact and express themselves on the internet.

If you are targeting millennials, this is your social media platform of choice. The most common ages of 18-34 are using Instagram. The reason businesses on Instagram do so well? They reach out and relate with their customers. (Plus, hashtags help as well).

Instagram recently released their IGTV feature as well. A great example of this is a longer snapchat video, much longer. Furthermore, it  allows users to add short stories to their accounts for frequent updates, behind-the-scene news, live updates and more.

There is constant debate over whether a business should be using Facebook or Instagram. It’s not simply a matter of one being better than the other. You have to utilize the right strategies for your audience.


Compared to the others Snapchat is fairly new. This is why most businesses are unsure about using its features and it might seem confusing. A platform that only allows someone to see your story for 10 seconds? What’s the point?

However, we feel this is a great tool to update your customers about daily happenings, recent events and current projects. Give them the sneak peek of what you are up to, send live updates and show short informative videos.

Moreover, Snapchat and its short bursts of activities are super addictive. (This is the reason why we spend our Tuesdays watching the tiny kitchen videos!)


Are you keen on listening to your audience? Then Twitter is the best place to do so. The social media platform focuses on lesser words and engaging with your customers and clients.

It gives you the opportunity to follow the latest trends, listen to the conversations and keep an eye on what customer and clients are saying about your products or services.

This is the place for strong individuals who will be frank about your brand and its products.

In the end, choose a social media platform that reaches your audience, suits your voice and ensures consistent consumer engagement.


Not sure which platforms would be best for your business? Let us handle the heavy typing and lifting at OMG Austin, contact us today! 

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