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Why You Need A Responsive Website In 2018

It is true, you definitely need digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring traffic to your website. However, your website needs to be up to date as well.

You may have great SEO and digital marketing strategies. However, a website that looks like it is from the inception of the World Wide Web (aka the Internet) means that all of this is for naught.

In 2015, over 3 billion people were using the Internet. Imagine the numbers today!

What Is A Responsive Website?  

A responsive website is a website that “responds” and resizes itself depending on the device that the user is viewing it through. Basically, you want your website to have the ability to be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

This is because it maximizes experience on all platforms for all of your users. Currently in 2018, 52 percent of people use their smartphones to view websites.

You could be losing half of your customers by not having a responsive website. Along with this, you want to be sure that Google Search Engine likes your website for a number of factors.

The last thing you want is someone who has to zoom onto your webpage from their smartphone. With  responsive websites, all of the content will automatically resize and adjust between computer and smartphones and tablets.  

 If a potential customer cannot find exactly what they are looking for or navigate the website easily, they will move on. If your website is made specifically for a desktop and someone tries using a smartphone, elements can be hidden.

This is because of compatibility issues and the website not being responsive.

Be Friends With Google

When someone googles, “Austin web development” the first business to come up is no coincidence!  OMG Austin is “friends” with Google Search Engine.

This means we optimize our responsive websites and SEO so that Google Search Engine will find us when it combs through websites for content. Google prefers a website that is responsive.

 As Search Engine Land explains, “Google will forgive a site for bad HTML, but it won’t forgive sites that waste their resources.”

Over the years, Google has mentioned that slower running websites will not rank as high as faster websites. If your website takes FOREVER to load, Google will keep it at a lower ranking, as customers will easily get annoyed and be more likely to go to the competition.

It is also a possibility that they may never see your website.

Furthermore, Google uses the idea of “Bounce Rate”  to see if you do or do not have the content people are searching for. If someone searches, “web developer Austin TX” and they were on the website for a few seconds, this makes the bounce rate high.

And when the bounce rate is very high, Google may interpret this as your website having the wrong content. The Bounce Rate could mean the content is not great, there is a misuse of keywords, or they found the information that fast (which is highly doubtful).

Makes SEO Easier For Austin Web Development

If you decided to have separate computer and mobile websites, you will have to run two different SEO strategies that come with keywords, backlinking, SEO campaigns, and more. It makes more sense and is so much easier to have one SEO strategy for the website on different platforms.

Save yourself the hassle and upgrade your website to be responsive for better user navigation and satisfaction. The better you are as a resource using these SEO strategies, the closer you will be to achieving a top ranking.

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