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Why You Shouldn’t “DIY” With SEO!

Ah, Google Search Engine. You need to book a dentist appointment? Google the best dentist. You need to find a local library, google it.

Google has an abundance of information out there for all your needs; however, the abundance of information is not always the best.

It can seem like you can easily become an expert in anything you want. Which you possibly could.

However, SEO can be difficult to understand and if you aren’t putting the needed time into it, you could be doing it all wrong.

Understanding Research and Planning

With SEO comes more than research. There is the planning aspect behind it as well.

You may understand enough to know the basics, but now you have to put that research into action. Keywords, backlinking, monthly updates, Google Analytics. All of this is needed.

Forget using Google to solve the answers. You can easily hire an SEO expert, like us, OMG Austin.

Backlinking Website

Yes, you want to backlink to other parts of your website, but the wrong tactics to backlinking could hurt your website more than you realize. Just because you are backlinking does not mean everything is going great!  

If your backlink goes to a page that is full of spam, Google will flag this. The longer they’re there, the more work you will have to do later on.

Furthermore, having a 100 backlinks to your website it not what Google wants. Google likes quality over quantity.

Google will likely  penalize you for something simple like bad backlinking.

You may want to add all the backlinks to your website, but in the end, you could be hurting your SEO and drop in search engine page ranking (SERP).

Adding Keywords into Content

The best method is to add keywords in your website’s content and blogging strategies. These two methods both go hand in hand.

You may want to add three to five keywords in your blog but do not! The simpler the better. You want to add one to two keywords.

When it comes to adding content to your website, you want meta descriptions! Not sure what this is?  This is a summary of the content on this webpage.

You also want your keywords to flow as naturally as possible in your bios and other content.

Another thing, landing pages! We know we touch on them a ton but they really are important. You want to make sure landing pages have keywords as well.

Does it seem overwhelming? This is where we recommend you hire a professional to handle the little, behind-the-scenes aspects of a proper SEO strategy.

You Need to Plan on Monitoring

Woohoo, you got your keywords done. You added them into your website, landing pages, and blogs.

Now, you let them do all the work. Wrong. You need to constantly keep monitoring and even updating your keywords.

You could easily fall in ranking, need to find other words to rank for, and more. This is a process and one that can be easily forgotten once you get busy with all of your daily tasks and life gets crazy.


If SEO is something you have always been curious about or if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let us help you do it the right way! Contact us at OMG Austin today!

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