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Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

A great social media platform for business professionals and businesses alike, LinkedIn. This platform is commonly known for professionals and businesses to reach out to like minded people and businesses and connect with one another.

If you are a business and not on LinkedIn, what social media are you using?

Now, not EVERY business needs to be on LinkedIn. If you have done the research on your target audience and understand what platform they are on, then skip LinkedIn.

Just make sure you understand this perfectly. A digital marketing Austin company like OMG Austin would hate for you to lose reach because of the wrong information.  

A Great Place for B2B Marketing

A great thing about LinkedIn is that it is a place for other professionals who enjoy the same professional interests as your business. A business can join professional networks and other business networks in the area who could be looking for their services.

A business will want to take advantage of the competitive advantages of this!

A business can easily communicate with other businesses about like minded topics and areas of interests! There is even the possibility to help one another and open the floor to conversations about your industry and changes occuring.

A Great Place for B2C Marketing

Another great aspect of LinkedIn is the ability to share content. You can easily share blog ideas, posts, social media updates and more right on the platform.

As LinkedIn states that members on LinkedIn are loyal brand advocates. They are twice as likely to trust information on LinkedIn as well.

This is where your businesses expertise in anything can really shine. People are going to trust that what you have on your LinkedIn is knowledgeable and true!

For example, a digital marketing Austin company is great on LinkedIn. As a business, we are able to find potential customers who are interested in our services in the Austin area and other locations.

We are also able to show our clients and potential customers how knowledgeable we are.

You can get a better reach of exactly who your target audience is and know they are coming to your page for quality content. Check us out.

The Top Talent

Everyone from an intern to the CEO of a company, more than likely, is on LinkedIn. This means you can find the best of the best. This also means you could be finding people who are not your target audience. This is why digital marketing strategies are important.

The World Wide Reach

Approximately 106 million users log onto LinkedIn! The most common age groups on LinkedIn are 18 to 29 years old and 30 to 64 years old.  About 200 countries and territories around the world are using LinkedIn as well! This is the world wide reach we are talking about. The most common countries and territories:

  • Costa Rica
  • Sweden
  • Malaysia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

Plus, don’t forget about the United States reach as well. This also does not account for the gender differences and how many top influencers are on LinkedIn as well.

A business is only as strong as its strategies. A great digital marketing strategy is LinkedIn. Not sure if your business is meant for LinkedIn. At OMG Austin, we can help with digital marketing Austin and digital marketing strategies alike. From local to national, we can help.

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