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Why your restaurant needs an online presence!

Austin is known to be a foodie city! With all the new restaurants cooking delicious meals and wowing the local scene and Yelp reviewers, there is a lot of of food to explore and critique.

In 2016, the average visits and purchases for an Austin restaurant shows they doubled their revenue in their first six months of opening.

Old school marketing is out for restaurants. How do we know this? Go to Instagram, search a hashtag like #Burgers, #TexasBBQ and #AustinFood and see what thousands to millions of people are snapping pictures of food at your restaurant and others in the area.

Let’s break down why a restaurant needs an online presence!

Imagine this: 80 percent of people look up a restaurant online prior to heading out for a meal. This means they will be checking out your social media, online reviews and website. It’s quite simple why you need social media, and that’s to bring more ROI! Get people inside your doors.  

Foodstagramming is a real thing! One of the most popular shared images involve what’s on a plate. Three hashtags alone on Instagram make up over 400 million images of food for days!

The best part about all of this is snapping a perfect Instagram food picture has become a habit for people! You can simply have an Instagram account, they tag you, your location comes up and from there the images start flooding in and this all helps with digital marketing Austin strategies!

Bring in the locals

A pro-tip from a digital marketing Austin agency is this is the perfect way local establishments to compete with the large restaurant chains in the area. Show why your restaurant is the one to visit versus the large franchise down the street.

Trust, loyalty and transparency

This improves trust and loyalty with the community. The customers want to know they can trust the restaurant to always serve the best food with the best service there is! This is where social media can help with transparency.

A restaurant should always encourage guests to leave pictures, reviews and recommendation to help create a community of loyal customers. Be the go-to spot for casual dining, the best beer, delicious ice cream and other reasons.

Quick updates

You can keep your guests updated easily. There is the ability to easily add a new promotion, holiday times, hours, events, new menu items and more. This way locals know when you’ll be closed and can book their reservations.

Staying connected

Social media allows for quick, immediate responses with customer concerns, questions and issues. As Jay Baer from Forbes states, “A lack of response is actually a response. It’s a response that says, ‘We don’t care about you very much.’”

You’ll be cooking up food and managing the restaurant and might not have time to answer right away! Don’t worry, we have a system for this issue.

Reach everyone

Austinites are important to your business, but so are tourists. A digital marketing Austin agency can easily expand your reach with local and non-local engagement. The more people who write down your restaurant, bookmarket it on Yelp or tell their friends means more people will visit your restaurant.


Make the best foodstagram food and get a digital marketing campaign started with OMG Austin! We love managing social media accounts for restaurants- who doesn't love delicious food. 

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