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An Effective PPC Advertisement

Pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is and has always been around. However, most people did not know that those advertisements on Google had a name or were there for specific reasons!

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have made PPC a very popular advertising method in a digital world. This is because they can reach their target audience easier, drive traffic to their website, and generate sales at the same time.

It is a win-win situation for everyone. This helps with increase the marketing budget in both small and large companies.

What Is PPC?

Never heard of PPC? This is exactly what it is: PPC is an online advertisement that is displayed on the Google Search Engine or Facebook Ads. When you search for an item on Google and an advertisement displays next to the list of websites, this is because of PPC.

 The best part is you are only charged when people click on your advertisement.

The best thing to know about PPC is this is a long process. You simply cannot post the ad and then ignore it.

You need to monitor this ad consistently for optimum effectiveness. Also, the wrong strategies will never work if you have not thought your campaign through to reach the greatest population.

You can follow these tips to help create an effective PPC ad campaign below.

Effective Keywords

First thing, you will need keywords. These keywords, whether they be organic or not, is what launches your ad to the top of Google’s search page. If you want your ads to show up, you need to have keywords!

For example, if you are looking for a digital marketing company in Austin, you will search “digital marketing in austin.” So, our keywords will be:

  • Digital Marketing Austin
  • Digital Marketing Agency Austin

Along with having the keywords, you want keywords that rank high in Google. The higher the ranking, the more likely Google will be to pick up on your keywords, which results in more  of your ads being shown.

From here, you can figure out how to write your first PPC advertisement.

Where Does This Ad Go?

Once you have identified the  keywords to use, where is this ad going to go? The advertisement can take customers to the main website, but they’ll have to search over again for exactly what they were looking for.

This could lead to people leaving the website and your overall SEO rank going down.

The best thing to do is to have the ad go directly to the most relevant part of the website. This is called a “landing page.” This page is made specifically for Google AdWords and SEO searches.

This content can easily be created and developed. You want to add the same keywords as your ad and make sure your target audience is viewing it.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

I know, at OMG Austin we are always talking about the “target audience.” This is only because it’s so important for so many reasons!

In order for people to buy a product they need to relate to the message. If you are selling outdoor grills you want to target males of all socio-economic statuses ages 25-65.

You wouldn’t try to sell outdoor grills to people younger than 25 other than college students, so be sure that  your advertising resonates with this target audience.

At The End, See How You Did

Alright you did it! Your first Google AdWords or Facebook Ad is complete.

Now it is time to see where you measure up. Google Analytics will tell you how you did versus the competition, which gives you an idea of which things to change in the future.

This is where you can really tweak your ad for the next time and know how to do even better.

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