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Why are Facebook advertisements a great way for a company to enhance their demand and social media presence? Facebook advertisements take boosted posts one step further! A boosted post can help narrow down a target audience, help bring more followers to that page and ultimately can help increase ROI.

A Facebook Ad offers these same services and help create better target audiences, allowing businesses  to get as specific as zip codes! Furthermore, these advertisements can be customized for different demographics.

How to create a Facebook ad

The first step is to go to the business profile page. On the top left hand side there will be several options from inbox to more. Click on the “AdCenter” option. As any digital marketing agency Austin understands, this is where the magic starts to happen! From there click on “create ad” and start the process.

The first thing before you create an ad is to understand the purpose. What is the overall goal behind this advertisement? Is it to bring in more leads? More sales? More messages? It is critical for any business owner or marketer to understand. Without a clear and concise goal behind the ad, you could be spending the money for nothing!


Once you’ve decided on the goal find the best option. Let’s create an example.

As a leading digital marketing agency Austin, for the purpose of this example, we want to collect more leads.

This brings us to a page that creates forms for lead generation. The form name is required and this helps get emails and information from clients and businesses who are searching for our services. Now, you can keep the generic text that is on the form or create your own.

For this example our marketers customized the headline to “Austin’s Best Digital Marketing Agency.” From there, click on the option that you would like the customer to fill out. One can decide between an email, full name and phone number. This is where you can get extensive with options. All the way down to their gender and birth date.

That’s a bit extreme for our company, but for some, this might be necessary. Once the form is complete hit save.

Now as Niel Patel states this is the most important part of the ad, the image! If your image doesn’t catch the attention of your audience, the advertisement won’t be as successful. Take it old school for a second- think of a billboard. What makes a billboard catch your eyes while driving down the highway?

Get creative! You can use stock images, your own images and select several different ones. This is the perfect time to upload a video. A video on Facebook gets 50 percent more engagement than any other content posted.

For this example, we’ll use one of our images. Alright, we’ve got our advertisement, call-to-action (CTA) and “Learn more” option on the advertisement.

If our digital marketers have the ad run for 14 days, there is a chance OMG Austin can reach over 700,000 people!

From there, all you do is hit the “promote” button and watch the advertisement for the next 14 days.

At OMG Austin, clients will ask “what’s the average lead gen?” This can’t be determined across the board because all goals and industries are different. After one or two Facebook ads, our team of digital marketers can increase the odds.

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