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Video marketing for different platforms PT 2

In the digital marketing Austin world, it’s an exciting time for marketers because of video! Video marketing has been on the rise in the digital marketing world for years, however, it suddenly exploded around 2016 and continues to grow. As of now, six out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television!  With IGTV, Facebook Watch and other streaming platforms on social media, no wonder people are being more entertained with social media platforms implementing the right video marketing strategies.

These are three of the top social media platforms with the specific video requirements for all three.


The best place for B2B marketing is on LinkedIn. There are over 40 million decision makers registered on LinkedIn, butthe largest B2B marketing platform was slower to adapt to video marketing strategies. Typically, there are four different kinds of video that are typically used on LinkedIn.

It’s found that 51 percent of video marketers have a LinkedIn profile and 84 percent of those marketers found it to be an effective strategy in their everyday marketing efforts. The best video marketing tips for Instagram:

  • LinkedIn Video Ads were introduced in 2018. This takes traditional boosted advertisements on LinkedIn one step further. Reach the needed audience with the best video marketing strategy and advertisement.
  • Create the best call to action possible for the video. Why would someone watch the video and go to your website?  
  • Keep it professional. This is a platform where professionals are turning to.
  • Optimize all videos for mobile viewing.
  • Make sure the file is under 5GB
  • Keep it under one minute
  • Always make sure to transcript the video somewhere.

From the social platform made for professionals to a platform that has undergone some major changes in the past year to bring the focus back on personal instead of business.


As a leading digital marketing Austin agency, with all the new regulations on Facebook, finding the best marketing campaigns has never been more important. BuzzSumo conducted research surrounding a number of different brands and positions to see which kind of posting got the best engagement. The insights show that video on Facebook got 50 percent more engagement than any other posts published. This shows that video marketing in a vastly changing marketing on social platforms. Videos are more imperative than digital marketing Austin could’ve ever imagined!

Just like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook provides Facebook Watch, Facebook Live, Facebook 360 and Facebook Stories.

  • Facebook Watch video resolution should be 1080P or under. The files shouldn’t be over 2.3GB to accommodate all types of internet connection.
  • All Facebook Watch MUST be less than 60 minutes.
  • It’s a must to compress audio to 128kbps
  • Facebook live takes clients and customers behind the scenes. These video can be recorded beforehand and uploaded as a “live” video on the day of the event
  • Facebook stories are similar to Instagram Stories. A business can upload an image with polls, hashtags and the photo is up for 24 hours.
  • You can submit video for “pre-publish brand and check” to ensure all ads in videos will show correctly.
  • Thumbnails should be 1200X675
  • Add up to 500 characters to give a brief description of the video

While Facebook is shifting to bring more personal content to its users, that doesn’t mean digital marketers can’t reach an audience with the right video marketing tips. Now, what does your Pinterest board look like?


Pinterest is the place for home decor, recipes, how-tos, DIY and SO much more. With more recent updates, Pinterest is also bringing augmented reality to the app and working on search with Google! This is an exciting time to get clients on Pinterest. Just like every other social platform out there Pinterest has:  Pinterest Ads, Pinterest Stories and Pinterest videos.

In 2016, Pinterest added the ability for users to upload videos and has continued to grow from there. Here are the video marketing tips for Pinterest:

  • With Pinterest Ads anyone can upload a video from YouTube or from their desktop or phone.
  • The dimensions should be vertical 9:1 and square 1:1
  • No video can be longer than 30 minutes
  • All videos need to be 2GB or smaller
  • ALWAYS add a description, board, website URL, and section of Pinterest. No one wants to see a video about home decor while searching for one pot recipes.
  • Add music for more effect
  • Find the right balance of text and image
  • Pick max width. Max width will make your videos the main focus on the search itself
  • Stories allow for up to 20 images of text and several links! This gives pinners a place to scroll and click on several different products.

A business who has been searching for an increase in engagement, followers or lead gen could possibly expand with the right video marketing strategies set in place by leading digital marketers at OMG Austin.

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