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In 2018, Facebook’s Head of New Feed Adam Mosseri stated that Facebook was starting to  “shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media insolation.” What does this mean for businesses? This means there is a possibility that organic reach will decline. That a business is taking a backseat in the news feeds with the new algorithm.

This means digital marketing agency Austin work even harder to help businesses create content that is as personalized as possible. The more personalized the content is, the better the chance that content will show in news feed. A business can help reach a larger audience with boosted posts.

This is how to boost a post on Facebook.

How to boost a post

The general concern with boosting Facebook posts is spending extra money, and the best part about boosting posts is that it can be done for $20.00 and reach thousands of potential customers and clients.

On a Facebook Business Page, boosting a post is quite simple! Go to the business page that will be getting the boosted post, find the post and hit the “boost” button. This will bring up a pop-up on your screen.

Click on the left hand side what the goal of this boosted post is. Are you looking for more followers or more messages? “Get more engagement” will show the post to people who are likely to react, comment and share your post. “Get more messages” will show the post to people who are likely to send you a message about the post.

If a client is looking for more followers and engagement, then the best option would be “get more engagement.” If a client is looking for better lead generation, “get more messages” would be the best option.

From there, one can add a specific button. For those boosting a post dealing with e-commerce and direct sales, the best option is to add a “shop now” or “book now” button to the post. This can help track leads from the post to the site or booking link. This will help calculate ROI.

There are other button options that allow for people to learn more, send direct messages and other direct actions that can improve a following or promotion.

The most important part is next, the audience. The right target audience will make a difference. As a leading digital marketing agency Austin, our specific target audience is business owners, decision makers and business managers between the ages of 25-65 both male and female for this example.

The location is Austin, Texas and the audience location is 50 miles within and outside of Austin.

For the “behavior > digital activities” our target audience is small business owners with “demographics>work>job titles”

  • Business Owner
  • Owner and CEO
  • Owner/ Managing Director

Why did we pick these options for this example? This is because our digital marketing agency Austin offers services to other businesses. Those who are searching for our services are decision makers in these small businesses.

If need be, one can make a boosted post as specific as interests, hobbies or as broad as just business.

Once you’ve done all of this, hit save and decide on how long the post will run. It can run for a month or one day. This all depends on the budget someone is willing to spend.  If this post runs until April 8th, 2019 with a budget of $40.00 it’s estimated to reach 98-490 people per day. You can customize the budget and use the drop down menu to reach more people per day.



The final step is to double check all content, links, images, audience and duration of the campaign. Once that has been done, hit “Boost” and let the post do all the work!  

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