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Google Analytics 101

One of the most important reporting platforms out there for digital marketing is Google Analytics. These analytics are helpful to digital marketing agency Austin in understanding where all website traffic is coming from! 

 Let's dive into Google Analytics and look at how business can utilize this feature. 

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website analytics service offered by Google that gives you insights into how users find and use your website! 

Google Analytics categorizes data into ABC’s

  • Acquisition

  • Behavior

  • Conversions

Each one of these categories are used in finding different data. 

The acquisition category reports how traffic arrives to your website. Acquisition reports are a great way to look at which avenues are best for bringing traffic to your site and getting certain actions to happen again. 

The behavior category reports show you what people are doing on your website after getting there. This report lets you assess the performance of your web pages, and determine how to make them better. 

Behavior reports also allow you to understand your website speed, your website search, and events that happen on your website such as video plays and resource downloads. 

The Conversions category is all about understanding how people convert on your website and is broken into four sections: goals, ecommerce, multi-channel funnel, and attribution. 

On top of the ABC’s, there is also an audience section in Google Analytics. This section allows you to understand your audience, their demographics, which device they visited your site on at what time and where, and much more! 

Lastly, there is a real-time report included in Google Analytics, which allows for businesses to see who is on their site and what they are doing in real time, which is quite a nifty feature! 

Google Analytics and Ecommerce

Very few marketers out there utilize Google Analytics for e-commerce, however, it comes with quite the benefits! Google Analytics can report a number of things for e-commerce, including

  • Revenue generated from an online store

  • Bifurcation of revenue generated by each individual product

  • Number of products sold

  • Number of transactions

  • Sorting the number of products sold in a specific time period

  • Revenue generated date-wise or period-wise

These areas of data and tracking are very useful to ecommerce businesses! 

PPC in Google Analytics

PPC, or pay per click ads, can be tracked and reported using Google Analytics as well. Combining your PPC powers with the additional measurement tools in Google Analytics leads to smarter goal tracking, sharper pictures of the people behind your conversions, and better insight into the full value of your campaigns. 

OMG Austin uses Google AdWords for all of our PPC marketing strategies. You can actually link Google Adwords and Google Analytics together, which allows for businesses to track their PPC extensively, gathering lots of data. 

For business owners, it is important to report data, and understand why, how, when and where users are accessing your website or online store. Google Analytics is a great tool to use for all digital marketing agency Austin! 

At OMG Austin, we are one of the leading digital marketing agency in Austin, TX. Our company sets up all clients with the ability to view their own Google Analytics. This allows clients to get insights on their own website easier and understand the importance of marketing research and strategies. 

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