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In it for the long haul:  long term SEO

A hare was making fun of the Tortoise for being too slow. The Hare asked the Tortoise, “do you ever get anywhere?” The Tortoise replied, “Yes, and I get there sooner than you think. I’ll run you a race and prove it.”

As most know, the turtle ended up beating the hare. The Hare is fast but lacked stamina for the long distance race that was set in place.

Austin SEO consultants can chuckle at this story because in the search engine optimization world, this holds true. There are many hares and there are many tortoises out there and Google knows who will win.

This is why creative agencies like OMG Austin know being the tortoise is more important than being the hare. Slow and steady will win the Google race.

Search engine optimization

Organic search engine optimization strategies are the tortoise of the SEO world. With the right tools and strategies set in place, a simple phrase with the right backlinks can increase your blog’s ranking in Google search engine results.

Why does organic seo take so long? Because it’s an investment of time for any Austin seo consultants. The ranking process involves market research, understanding the importance of slow organic growth, quality and creative content. There are millions to billions of searches on Google each day and each one of those websites is fighting for a chance to be on the first page of Google.

Here is how the tortoise can outbeat the hare in the SEO world:


Google your favorite restaurant, hotel, salon or even your own business. What are your results?

There is a reason all of these websites are showing before yours. Keywords. Keywords are the strategies that the hare is sleeping on. The right marketing research and understanding shows that keywords offer the ability to rank higher in Google.

These high volume, lower competition words your business can capture and use in content is how to start ranking. From there, certain websites will want to use landing pages to continue this pattern.

Landing pages

A landing page is another step in the process of search engine ranking. A landing page is optimized specifically for events, promotions, products and more. A landing page is mostly commonly known with PPC advertisements. (This is where the hare comes in.)

A successful landing page for promotions often follows with PPC strategies. In the PPC world, the point is to put the promotion out there for a short duration of time and get as many leads as possible.

However, once the promotion is over and the results are showing promise for the future, this is where bad SEO strategies start to happen. A spam backlinks, keyword stuffing and the constant usage of PPC advertisements only.

The results: the hare doesn’t win this one. Google finds your website too “spammy” and it violates their terms and conditions set in place. The results are taking a nap in the Google blacklist world instead of under a tree.

“The race is not always to the swift…” and the hare will not always win. Remember, the tortoise beat the hare for a reason.

As a leading Austin seo consultant, our recommendation is slow organic growth with strategies set in place for events that will bring more results. You don’t ALWAYS have to be the hare or the tortoise, seo can be a mix. For more information on organic seo strategies or PPC, give us a call today!

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