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Keywords 101: the purpose and goal

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t new SEO has actually been in existence since 1993 when the first search engine was launched! From there, SEO trends and strategies have changed through the internet’s development, but one thing stays the same through it all, keywords!

Lately, potential clients and current clients have been asking about the importance of keywords.

What are keywords?

First things first, what are keywords and why are they so important to these Austin SEO consultants? Keywords are the main component in a successful digital marketing strategy. Without those keyword phrases, the chances of your website ranking are pretty slim. Keywords, also known as search inquires, are ideas and topics that define what searchers are looking for that’s relevant to your industry.

A great example for OMG Austin is “Austin SEO consultants.” If a local business is looking for a digital marketing agency to take over or start their SEO strategies this is a search inquiry that the searcher could be typing into Google’s search engine.

The websites that show up when a searchers types this phrase in are the websites that are ranking for this keyword phrase. The purpose behind keywords is to strategically write content and backlink with credible sources with these phrases in mind.

The goal

The main goal for any digital marketer is to have their client’s website rank on the first page of Google’s search engine! Once the website is ranking on the first page, it’s time to maintain this ranking with the needed updates and market research. A small dip in a keyword ranking can be many times be recaptured, but once the ranking is completely gone, the process has to happen all over again.

The goal for our client’s is to always be ranking above their competitors! No business out there wants to be giving business away to the competition.  Austin SEO consultants stress the importance of keywords to clients because without these keywords on various places and in content on the website, the client will lose ranking or possibly never rank!

The goal is to have a business rank without needing to pay even more money to rank. This is called organic traffic. This organic traffic is the result of information that is enticing and informative enough that searchers WANT to click on. For starters, if your content isn’t optimized for the right search phrases, searchers will constantly be clicking out. When searchers are constantly clicking out, Google starts to get worried and drops your ranking.

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