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“Marie Kondo” your social media

Marie Kondo is taking the internet and social media by storm with her organizing methods. Her hit Netflix show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo,” is sparking the public to let go of those items that no longer bring them joy. For a digital marketing agency Austin this sparked our interest, not only in our homes, but on social media as well.  

For any business, it’s important to understand that any social media post is there forever and can affect your business in several ways. This is why there is a need to clean out your social media.

Get rid of it

The average time someone is spending on social media apps is about two hours everyday! Yes, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For businesses with an online presence, what are your posts showing to clients and customers?

A great example of why a business needs to clean out their social media is the Kevin Hart Twitter scandal. Hart was nominated as the host for the Oscars and immediately people started digging through his social media. A tweet from 2011 was discovered dealing with some controversial issues. Because of this tweet, the Oscars decided to let Hart go and find a new host.

Don’t miss out on a client because they unearthed old or concerning content on your social media pages.

Branding, branding, branding.

It’s branding 101 here. Cleaning up social media might seem like one of the silliest things for a business to do. However, as a business owner, it’s important to clean out your personal social media for brand awareness. A brand you represent is synonymous with the company own.  Old posts about politics or teetering the line of appropriate and inappropriate just might hurt your reputation online and in the community.  

It’s important to clean out fake likes, followers, political posts and content that might not be appropriate for everyone. Sure, it might be funny to some, but is it hindering the business from getting new clients?

Once fake followers, old profiles and posts are taken down, you must next reinvent yourself. Update your logo, header image, add your new website URL, a business professional headline and tag that will grab attention.

How to “Marie Kondo” your social media:

These are four out of the  six steps that Marie Kondo takes when it comes to organizing and getting rid of items. In this case, it’s social media posts and fake followers. These are the steps businesses should take:

  1. Commit yourself. Understand the importance of this. A first impression is everything in an oversaturated world.

  2. Imagine your ideal brand. Instead of “ideal lifestyle” imagine your “ideal brand.” What does social media speak about to clients and followers. What’s the impact?

  3. Finish discarding first. Say goodbye and just let it go. Take the time out of the day to delete all unnecessary posts. There are apps out there that allow for auto delete after so many days. Install one of these apps if needed be.

  4. Ask yourself it if sparks joy. Instead of “sparking joy,” ask yourself “how does this resonate with the business?” If it’s the opposite of the business and a bad reputation, get rid of it.

As a digital marketing agency Austin, our company understands that you only have one chance on social media to grab a client’s attention. Don’t let that chance slip away with the wrong posts. “Marie Kondo” your personal life and social media!

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