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Marketing to generation Z

The new “it” generation is generation Z also known as Gen Zers. This generation has lived with technology, smartphones and the internet for their entire life. There was never a point that access to the internet wasn’t readily available- even if it was dial up!

As millennials grow older, the next generation will take their place for purchasing and using your services provided. How can you stay relevant in a world of technology? It’s simple. The right digital marketing strategy with the right digital marketing Austin agency can help you.

Gen Z purchase making decisions

A research study from Yes Lifecycle Marketing found that: One in five Gen Zers say that Snapchat influences their purchase decisions- twice as much as their millennial counterparts. Millennials aren’t using Snapchat as much as the Zers.

Gen Z is also influenced by Instagram and YouTube. This show how much of an impact social media has on this new and emerging generation.

Gen Z use Google search engine and social media networks for research and purchasing services and items. Gen Z is known to buy online, and if this isn’t offered, they will move onto the next business.

The main decision factor for Gen Z is influence. Is everyone else wearing these shoes? The latest make-up from an influencer is all the rage. This all effects their purchasing choices.

Generation Z marketing

How can digital marketing experts use generation Z marketing strategies in their day-to-day marketing campaigns? Gen Z is constantly changing the narrative on brands and using services and products in their lives.

Their main motive behind purchasing something: how does this product or service actively fit into the narrative of my life?  This is how you can marketing and grab the attention of this generation.

Go where they live. The best thing to do is start a digital marketing campaign for Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram! Focus on individualized messaging and contact with a heavy emphasis on what’s in it for them states Christopher Kingman form TransUnion.

You want to tell a story, inform them on why they need your services and products and be straight to the point. This generation is making quick decisions based on all of the social media and  internet access consumed on a daily basis. You can easily lose their attention in a matter of seconds with the wrong message, images and campaign in your efforts of generation Z  marketing strategies.

is mean knowing the best average time for YouTube videos, the best strategies for Instagram stories and IGTV, along with understanding Snapchat marketing. The right generation z marketing strategies can be done with a leading digital marketing austin agency!

Differences between millennial and generation z marketing strategies

It seems like right when everyone understands one generations purchasing methods, another generation swoops right in and all of it’s done again. Millennials are still here, don’t switch your entire marketing method for the wrong target audience, but understand generation Z is coming.

There are similarities between millennials and gen Z:

  • They follow the same digital, social and mobile behaviors
  • They both have adapted to these things easily in their lives

Millennials were pioneers in the digital age. In 1995, only 14 percent of adults had access to the internet- fast forward to 2014 and 87 percent had access. Millennials were introduced to these changes throughout the years while gen Z didn’t witness these changes.  

Gen Z is more private than their millennials counterparts. Why are they drawn towards Snapchat? This is because the content disappears in 24 hours. The content doesn’t live on the internet forever.

Another way these two generations are different their face-to-face and digital communication. Gen Z is changing the landscape between communication in offices and with their colleagues for the better with the right balance between online and offline workplace communication!


The newest generation of shoppers, buyers, business owners and others is coming faster than businesses realize. Get your marketing campaign ready for the newest generation approaching with OMG Austin.  

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