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The latest Google updates

Google isn’t done quite yet with updates and new algorithm changes being made. The recent headlines about Google and their updates seem to keep coming out each and everyday! With all these updates, how does a business stay on top of everything? It seems as if Google is constantly updating their services and guidelines.

The first round of changes we discussed were about the overhaul of Google Ads, the speed update, google reviews and URL inspection. The next set of changes deal with businesses and analytics.

Google My Business profile

Google My Business profile is a service that gives businesses the opportunity to update their listings, engage with customers, turn images into sales and be friends with the search engine.

The newest attribute option on this service deals with family, women and veteran owned and operated businesses. This new attribute is named “family-led” and is available to all businesses this attribute applies to with simply editing your business information on your Google my business profile! How can this help your business?

It can help it stand out against the competition. A coffee shop that is owned and operated by a Veteran could have an advantage over other coffee shops in the area. This is just another way  Google is helping out mom and pop shops, veterans and women owned and operated businesses.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics is a reliable tool in the marketing and SEO world. This can help expert track and measure how their services are doing in Google search engine. This shows results of those SEO strategies that have been in place for some time now.

Google Analytics 360 is the new and improved version of Google Analytics. The 360 version offers more data collection from websites, mobile apps for iOS and Androids and more. 360 also allows for better organization of this data.

360 and the newest Google Ads work together as a two-way integration that imports all Google Ads data right into the Google Analytics 360 cloud. This also works with doubleclick platforms with Google.

Another awesome feature of 360, this version can give formula-based models for conversion channels!

Small business algorithm

This is a small core algorithm update for small businesses. The newest update is still unclear on who exactly was affected and in what way they were affected. If your website ranking is still the same then keep calm, but if it dropped significantly, then it’s time to implement some better practices.

Broad Core Algorithm

The fourth and not the final algorithm change with Google has happened. This might have been the biggest update since penguin in 2012! You might have noticed the following changes in your analytics involving mobile first-index, content and on-site linking and site speed. This directly affects SERP strategies.   

Dynamic Rendering Document

A website with high JavaScripts could be affected in Google as of recently. The dynamic rendering document helps explain what dynamic rendering is, when to use it and how to implement it.  

What is dynamic rendering? This happens when a client-side render and a pre-rendered content for specific user agents are switching back and forth. The main problem with this is that JavaScript is difficult for Google to process. Read more about this new change on


Another week another change with Google! These changes are constantly being made to bring the best experiences and help businesses each and every day. At OMG Austin, we are always watching for the latest Google updates and keeping our clients up-to-date on these changes as they affect their businesses.

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