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The most common SEO FAQs

The most common SEO FAQs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can throw businesses and clients for a loophole. While SEO has been around for over 10 years, it has taken a slower traction for businesses to adapt in their overall marketing strategy. This could be a lack of experts, understanding or “don’t break what isn’t broken” mentality, but once they are finally ready, these are some of the most common FAQs our experts get. 

1. What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing method that helps to rank websites in search engines. SEO uses several different strategies from keyword research and backlinking to PPC ads to help rank a website on the first page of search engine specifically, Google. Google holds 90 percent of all search engine market shares out there, which means, a website that follows Google’s Guidelines can start to rank in six to nine months. 

2. What is the purpose?

The short and simple answer to that question is: SEO helps websites to rank higher in search engines. When a searcher is looking for a local company to handle all of their SEO and digital marketing, they might  type in ‘Austin SEO company.’ The list of the company’s websites that show up in the first 10 results will grab their attention. No one and we mean no one, goes to the second page of Google. It is just known in the SEO industry. So, why do you need it? 

3. Why do we need SEO?

There are several reasons that a business needs SEO strategies from organic search traffic to generate more leads.  Google is the reigning search engine with the reigning email platform out there. YouTube comes in second for the largest search engine. A brand that is credible and trustworthy in Google’s eyes has a better chance of outranking their competition. How does a brand generate and foster a credible and trustworthy website in Google’s eyes? A couple of backlinks, some content and following Google’s Guidelines. 

Now, as a leading Austin SEO Company, we cannot give all of our secrets away but if you would like to know, fill out a form at the bottom of this blog. (Our competitors watch our pages too!) 

If you hire OMG Austin, when will you be on the first page? 

4. When will I be on the first page? 

Our experts tell all clients that it takes about six to nine months of organic work to start ranking on the first page of Google, and at this point, our experts do not receive cheering from this response. Another SEO company that tells a business, “We can promise you will rank overnight” is not a business you can trust and you should not  work with them. Clients assume that a website will rank overnight after an Austin SEO company optimizes a couple of pages here and there. 

How can a client’s website start to rank in as little as minutes? Paid SEO. 

5. Organic versus paid?

Alright, one of the biggest debates out there is whether a company should invest in organic or paid SEO. Our answer is both. It is imperative to have organic SEO strategies set in place to help a website rank over time. A website that goes from a ranking of 100 to 10 overnight will send red flags to Google. It could also drop in significant ranking with the next update or Core Algorithm Update

So, how can a business show some overnight success with SEO? Pay-Per-Click advertisements, also known as PPC ads. PPC ads are some of the first results in Google’s search engine; however, these ads can not win the top spots and these ads can take place at the bottom of the first page. This all depends on if the ad wins in the betting. 

Which brings us to the next point, you need a trustworthy and credible website to get those top results. Yes, an Austin SEO Company can get you a top spot with certain keywords, but at the end of the day, to continuously get those top spots you need organic along with your paid strategies.  

SEO is not an easy science for a business. There are several moving factors that should constantly be updated and monitored for the best keywords and ranking opportunities. As our experts stated above, to learn more about our SEO services for your business, fill out the contact us button below! 

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