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The Newest Marketing Tool on LinkedIn

The world of digital marketing is increasing every week! It seems like each week Google, Bing, social media application, and other common digital marketing tools are updating and releasing new features. This is all done to make their audience’s experiences better.

The newest update to hit the market is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn For Businesses

As a leading digital marketing agency,  we understand why businesses should be on LinkedIn. This platform provides your business with the opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses, CEOs and other professionals.  

It gives businesses an upper-hand as well because people who are interested in any field of industries are more willing to follow their pages.

The world of LinkedIn marketing is created for Business to Business (B2B) marketing strategies.

Importance of Storytelling For Your Brand

Your brand story is a reflection of your business. Who are you? What are your values? Why would customers want to buy your product or service? A strong brand story is a great marketing tool.These are the main components you want people to know immediately: :

  • How the company started
  • What drives your company
  • Provide an inside look into your company

There are several benefits to honing in your brand story:

A connection needs to be made with potential customers. Author, Luke Sullivan once said,  “People talk in stories, and so must we.” This gives you a connection with your customers and clients.

The first thing you ask someone after you know their name? You start asking all the important questions to understand more about them.  

A great brand story can be an advantage over your competition. You’ll have a different kind of connection with your clients and potential customers.

A customer will come back for your services again and again if they can resonate with your brand story. Along with this, it separates you from the everyone else.

Which can be challenging in the world of digital marketing anymore!

The Newest Way To Tell Stories On LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s social media application offers another way of brand storytelling through its recent update, Carousel Ads. With this, comes the newest update on LinkedIn’s social media application.  It gives B2B marketers a new way to tell their brand story- with an interactive experience.

This gives your business the ability to make creative slideshow advertisements. The goal of this new release for B2B marketing is to create and foster a deeper connection with their audience!

You can easily tell your brand story, grab attention, and get the best ROI possible with this new launch.  

This is apart of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content. If you are unsure what Sponsored Content on LinkedIn is follow this link.

The right brand story will entice and bring potential customers into your story arc. The best digital marketing agency can help create a brand story and voice through digital marketing strategies.

Often find yourself falling behind in the newest updates? Let us do all of the work at OMG Austin!

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